I Can Has Cheezburger?

Internet Bands Together To Cheer Up Man Using Wholesome Photos Of Fur Babies

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    Rectangle - Tony Posnanski ... @tonyposnanski I'm not in a good place today. Please post a picture of your fur baby to make me smile.

    Hey now, what's happening? It's ok if you're feeling a bit off Tony, everybody has those days sometimes unfortunately. But why don't you stay a while, and tell us what's wrong, you're on the wholesome animal-related side of the internet now. Over here we like to listen to people and give them feel better soon hugs.

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    Cat - Justin G @JustinPNW360 Replying to @tonyposnanski Here are both my scale baby and my fur baby. Hope your day gets better.

    Awwwww, a scale baby and a fur baby, how could this day get better?These two pets are both so pawsome, or scale-tastic, we don't really know any snake puns. How wholesome and uplifting that both of these animals want to make this human's day better? Hope this helps to cheer Tony up.

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    Cat - James DeAngelo ... @MIDNIGHTO521 Replying to @tonyposnanski Not mine BUT the one on the left, looks just like my late furbaby Rusty, and the one on the right just like my late furbaby Sandy. Both were Orange Tabby cats too even though not all ever necessarily look the same, except these cuties do. Despite all that this pic warms my heart!
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    Dog - eghan 98 @ohheyitsmeghan SHOTGLASS ... Replying to @tonyposnanski Lola. She's 14. Commits to napping. Loves French fries and snuggling under the covers. Has bag gas and hates children. She's my favorite.
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    Cat - Juliette ... @DonStockman Replying to @tonyposnanski OC (for orange cat) and his sister Juliette. I rescued them, their 3 siblings and feral mom. They have all been neutered, vaccinated and adopted! We kept these 2, they are now 1 yr old!
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    Dog - P Dagi @Notthedumblond Replying to @tonyposnanski When he was a puppy
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    Photograph - tif keith : BLM : no justice, no peace @inner_be Replying to @tonyposnanski Maskive Loki
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    Brown - tif keith : BLM : no justice, no peace @inner_be Replying to @inner_be and @tonyposnanski His much smaller sister Luci
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    Dog - Gedsudski @Gedsudski Replying to @tonyposnanski Laika, my little furever werewolf puppy. She is a rescue of a rescue and has trauma, but she loves me and I love her. <3 BY CONN
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    Dog - Aliza Rothman @AlizaRothmanPR Replying to @tonyposnanski Wilson loves his pink beanbag
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    Cat - Mueller, She Wrote @MuellerSheWrote ... MI ELLER SHE WBOTE Replying to @tonyposnanski
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    Cat - UNITED Lisbeth Farnum @LisbethFarnum1 Replying to @tonyposnanski POSTALS PRIORITY MAIL VISIT Priority Servic Bujen Jo ostage requin Priority M ing Priority Mall Servic Thank you for using F
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    Cat - C.C. E @AVoraciousReadr Replying to @tonyposnanski This is Eevee. We rescued her and her canine brother when their owner, our neighbor, died. This is the look she gives me when she wants a smol snackum.

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