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A Thread Against Octopus Farming: Highly Intelligent And Worth Preserving

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    Just looking at octopuses you might think that this animal is definitely not from planet earth. This super weird but insanely cool species is the closest thing to aliens that most of us will have the chance to come across in our lifetimes. 

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    When we say Octopuses are intelligent, we mean it. 500 million neurons is no joke, friends. Having some trouble filing your taxes? Hit up your local Octopus for some friendly financial advice. 

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    Product - Alt-Fact*Fighter Shelly @LeftyMom15 - Oct 12 Replying to @TheScotsman and @philip_ciwf I took this photo of my son interacting with an octopus at an aquarium in Oregon a few years ago. What struck me is the way the it intentionally reached up & touched his hand through the glass & looked at him. It felt like I was watching a sentient being! AG #myoctopusteacher
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    Photograph - George@Y @asiantrucker · Oct 12 Replying to @TheScotsman and @philip_ciwf We don't know Jack about these magical creatures.. Leave the A alone. Don't touch! Don't eat!
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    Font - @CommonSense @lmpeachedAgain2 · Oct 11 Replying to @TheScotsman and @philip_ciwf Thank you for this. I feel the same way about captive Orcas and dolphins performing tricks for dead fish in a cement cage. For the love of everything people, stop going to sea circuses like #Seaworld. Everything is about supply and demand. Please stop! Orcas belong in the OCEAN.
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    Rectangle - leto @john_alot · Oct 12 I think, if you have moral qualms about eating Dolphins, Whales, primates etc, because of their intelligence, you really shouldn't eat octopuses, it's hard to gauge their intelligence because of their otherness, but from an animal perspective, they can solve very complex problems
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    Font - LithiumShadow @Sir_Lithium - Oct 11 Replying to @TheScotsman and @philip_ciwf I believe vegetarianism is more or less the future. I have been gradually eliminating red meat and it's made me feel a lot better physically and mentally. Can't force people to eat a certain way but I think it is healthier in the long run for us the animals and the planet.

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