I Can Has Cheezburger?

Hungry Dolphin Stares Down Catering At Wedding, Steals The Show

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    Food - Kayla @kaywawice ... Who's idea was it to have this rehearsal dinner at an aquarium? This dolphin has just been starring at the food

    That poor dolphin's face… We truly have no words. He just looks so sad that he can't enjoy the food with everyone else. We really can't look away from this photo, his expression is just so haunting. We wish we could bring this dolphin a hot plate of food, although it would definitely mess up his water tank. 

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    Output device - Kayla, @kaywawice ... Adam said this would've gotten more traction if I would've captioned it how I did in the group chat :/ 7:44 9 ull LTE 2 Gang Gang> HA "Y'all got extras?"

    "Y'all got extras?" This group chat is too funny,  it really makes you wonder what the dolphin is truly thinking, and whether he even wants the food. If the bridal party were posing with the dolphin than this could have been quite wholesome, but instead it's absolutely hilarious, the dolphin is just asking to become a meme.

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    Fin - The Healing Corner ... @NicoleHeals Replying to @kaywawice I'm crying
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    Mouth - ryan @longhorncraiger Replying to @NicoleHeals and @kaywawice
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    Communication Device - Helena ... @carelesszounds Replying to @kaywawice and @DijahSB GOOGLE!!! That's not what I was asking for!!!!! 3:59 1 AA Q A can dolphins eat people food Google can dolphins eat people food All Videos Shopping Images News Maps B No, dolphins do not eat people. ... While the killer whale can be observed eating fish, squid, and octopus along with large animals such as sea lions, seals, walruses, penguins, dolphins (yes, they eat dolphins), and whales, they do not appear to h
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    Product - ... @slowrussh Replying to @kaywawice i'm high asf so stared at this for ten minutes bc i thought the serving spoons were like wale flukes
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    Azure - tt ... @DoomMetal Replying to @kaywawice and @JustinWhang "You got games on yo phone?"
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    Fin - em @emilyanne826 Replying to @kaywawice I'm here to talk to you about your cars extended warranty
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    Ingredient - Sukuna's Finger Strip Hut @yamsnmac Replying to @kaywawice "Are y'all gonna do me like they did that photographer up in my own home ?"
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    People in nature - Laynie @Laynie_Red Replying to @kaywawice www.er
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    Rectangle - Kayla S @kaywawice ... Everyone give it up for chopper! 3:09 PM G to me v You are welcome. It has been fun for our staff to see that a picture one of your guests took during the Rehearsal Dinner has gone viral. It is a picture of Chopper, one of our dolphins, looking through the window at the buffet. I have been receiving text messages ever since Friday morning from friends all over the US asking if this was our facility! Events Coordinator Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

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