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Doggos Embracing Parental Instincts And Acting As Babysitters

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    Font - My dog thinks its his job to look after the kids - And he takes it VERY seriously [Fluff] My rough collie fancies himself a babysitter. When my nieces (7, 5, and 3) come over to visit, he immediately springs into "these are mine and I have to protect them" mode and it is hilarious. We have a HUGE window facing the backyard, so it's not hard to see them when they play outside, but Tyke does not know that. All he knows is that the kids are outside and the adults are inside. So he stands the

    We love a dog that takes his work seriously and brings his A game to life! These kiddos have no idea how lucky they are to have such a loving and protective canine by their side to watch over and encourage them.

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    Rectangle - hwah11 · 21d 2 Awards Jimmy's in the well? Not on my watch. 6 Reply 1 735 PocketSpaghettios · 21d Lol my rough collie would push any child into a well for a treat + 4 272 ...
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    Font - ARTXMSOK · 21d My GSD checks on everyone in the house throughout the night. My oldest son got disoriented one night after moving rooms and my dog always gets up to walk him into our room and when he went to the kitchen instead of the bedroom, my dog started SOBBING the loudest saddest sobs, I've never heard before. And I jumped up to see him trying to heard him to me. Love sweet stories about dogs protecting their babies.

    We also love sweet stories about dogs protecting their babies!! And this is an extra cute one, might we add. We're telling you folks, dogs have a way of knowing when something is off! We trust our doggos infinitely.

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    Font - Opinionsare · 21d One of our neighbors had a full size female Golden doodle. It was a pushover for my female miniature schnauzer. The much larger Golden doodle would roll over and submit. Except... When the kids were out in the yard, the Golden doodle stayed alert and didn't defer to my dog. G Reply 29
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    Font - massinvader · 21d My first dog, we were puppies together though he grew up faster(haha). My mom used to be able to let me play in the front yard with that dog becasue he would do the EXACT same thing as yours. If I went closer than 5 feet to the road all hell would break loose and my mom would have to come and scold me and thank/calm the dog down.
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    Font - cattei3 · 21d We have a Collie and she is exactly the same way with our kids. We currently live right next to my mother in law, who sometimes watches the kids. When the kids are at MIL, the dog is at MILS. When the kids are at home, dog is at home. She follows those kids everywhere and if she can't, she will nudge you until you let her out to get to them. When the kids are doing anything that could be considered dangerous, our dog is barking (unless you give her a toy.) She barks when the
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    Rectangle - BaahlmAGoat · 21d He's like a more effective Nana from Peter Pan, that's so sweet. What a good pup, those kiddos are in excellent paws. 6 Reply 1 212 3 +
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    Font - Hammerhil • 21d Awesome! I love it when you get to watch collies with their "flock." I had a collie/samoyed mix growing up and my mom ran a dayhome. Mom used to joke that once the kids went outside she was fired by the dog. That dog would herd the kids to the sandbox and circle around and nudged any kid back into the sandbox who tried to leave their "pen." She was always gentle with the kids (not an easy thing when there's 5 of them trying to play with her) and absolutely loved her kid he
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    Font - TheRealMeatloaf • 21d Rat Terrier Had a Sheltie growing up that had similar maternal instincts. She prevented my baby brother from crawling (falling) down the stairs, she herded us kids in the back yard and always looked after us when we were out and about. I think it's something in that family of breeds. Side note: a Sheltie is its own entire breed. It is not a miniature Collie! (Can you guess what question I was asked all the time?) G Reply 1 23 + ...
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    Font - chantierinterdit · 21d My rott who struck fear into everyone because he was huge and very muscular. protected every child he came across. jumped in lakes just to see if the swimming children were ok. they would go on his back and he would take them ashore, go back and take an other child back. most wholesome thing. God i miss that goof ball.
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    Font - ughhhfine · 21d We had rough collies growing up and they were also babysitters! The male would guard any and all children, but the female (Lassie, I was a creative kid lol) picked me as her kid and they both took their jobs very seriously. I love collies so much and want to have some again one day. Give your man some cuddles from me! He's the best man and deserves all the love!
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    Font - RedDeadDirtNap · 21d We got our pup when our son was 2. Now 4 and the dog is 2; I have never ever seen a dog more loyal to a child. He sleeps on lofted bed, the dog sleeps under the bed every night and always follows him around outside will not let him out of his sight. When the human child starts to get naughty, the dog just sits there and howls when he hurts himself

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