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Ducks Through The Decades: A Timeline Of Duck Fashion Show Trends

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    2008: 11/10

    Vertebrate - Let's Eat Cake @letseatcakeblog L C Replying to @rachellord22 Do you think it was fowl play, Watson? >

    Pip pip Watson! We love this group photo, these outfits honestly knocked it straight out of the park, such a good fashion moment from the 2008 show. The question is, which of the dapper ducks is Watson, and which is Sherlock Holmes? 

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    2012: A classic 11/10, pretty heckin' amazing!

    Flower - Isma @Misa_i Replying to @rachellord22 "Oh Mr Bennet! You have no Compassion on my poOr NervEs!!"

    Wow, princess duck is in the building. We've said it before and we'll say it again, this entire look is giving off big duck energy and we love it. Shout out to the costume designer of this one, you killed it!

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    2014: Slay all day. 11/10

    Flower - Sophie Beer - Change Starts With Us out NOW! @sophiebeerdraws Replying to @sophiebeerdraws -mysterious-
  • 4

    2012, 6/10, sort of meh.

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  • 5

    2008: 11/10

    Plant - Sophie Beer - Change Starts With Us out NOW! @sophiebeerdraws 000 Replying to @sophiebeerdraws Who is she RADY
  • 6

    2012: A classic. 11/10

    Dog - jonbie @jkulks .. me and the homies pulling up to the annual sydney duck fashion show
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  • 7

    2008: 9/10, a minor slay

    Photograph - starlight @TheWizardofYASS 000 Replying to @rachellord22 ok but they are SERVING
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  • 8

    2010: 10/10, Werk it ladies!

  • 9

    2008: 7/10 Could have served even harder.

  • 10

    2014: LOVE. 11/10

    Plant - the moon's wifer ... @bookishseawitch on my way to solve a murder mystery in the english countryside
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  • 11

    2010: Slay! 11/10

  • 12

    2012: 6/10 Looks a little dated, what is this, 2010?


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