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Uniquely Heartwarming And Unexpected Adoption Stories (Twitter Thread)

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    Smile - The dog life. @TDogsLife ... This family lost their dog during hurricane Sandy. After 18 months of searching they decided it was time to adopt another dog. The adoption counsellor bought in the first candidate for them to meet and it was actually their lost dog. 3:40 PM Oct 16, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 2,520 Retweets 418 Quote Tweets 29.1K Likes

    We remember reading this story when it first came out, and honestly, it is just as amazing to read about now as it was then. This must have been the most joyous moment in the world, and not just for the owners but for the dog as well. We are so, so happy this family was put together again. 

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    Font - Jennifer Niles ... @iamjniles Replying to @TDogsLife 10 or so years ago my sister had a cat that escaped and after several months of searching for him, she was beginning to think & prepare for the worst. On Christmas day that year, she got a phone call- he had been found rummaging through a dumpster on the other side of the city 9:48 PM Oct 16, 2021 - Twitter for Android

    A true Christmas miracle. We assume, from the positivity of this tweet, that the cat was brought back home. And we really, really hope that the two of them lived a long and healthy life together after going through such an adventure. Keep an eye on your furbabies, people, it only takes a second for them to slip away.

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    Font - ThatGirlKAIIDay Is On Her Grind! @PrettyBrownSky ... Replying to @TDogsLife This happened to my aunt and cousins! Their dog was taken from them, it was very sad! We mourned the loss of him not being in the house anymore. Then my aunt and uncle like years later, decides to go to the Humane Society and adopt another dog. We see this Rott looking just like. 10:47 PM Oct 16, 2021 Twitter for Android
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    Font - ThatGirlKAlIDay Is On Her Grind! ... @PrettyBrownSky Replying to @PrettyBrownSky and @TDogsLife Romeo, we walk to the cage and he's just jumping and happy and we say" Romeo? The guy opens the game and he ran straight to his favorite person in the house, my aunt! He's liking and little tail wagging, then he was all over all of us! They gave her him. For free! We all cried! 10:49 PM - Oct 16, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Font - inconvenienttruth ... @inconvienttrut1 Replying to @TDogsLife That's awesome. A coworker lost their dog in Rocky Point during vacation. Went back the following year and the dog had made its home near the house they rented and they got to bring him back home. 10:04 PM · Oct 16, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - BETO South Coast Blue Dot @dvn469 ... Replying to @TDogsLife and @Texasville44 Well we found a cat behind a Home Depot in Houston. He was chipped to his 2nd prior owner. He was horrified that the woman that took him discarded him. We begged him to let us keep him. We was an amazing member of our family for many years. We were lucky. We miss him. 8:16 AM Oct 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Aunto Villageress ... @AuntoV Replying to @TDogsLife Used to be a great book/jazz record store here run by a mostly unsmiling jazz loving lady. A dog came to store as a stray. She gave it water, fed it, put it out. Went home, 4 miles away over crazy terrain, many neighborhoods. In the morning the dog was at her home. She kept it. 1:18 AM - Oct 18, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Debster, Resister ... @debstehn Replying to @TDogsLife I lost my dog and looked for him for months, went to shelters every week, driving to the beach 25 miles away in my VW and as we got to the top of a hill my car dies I had to coast around the corner to stop in front of a little store, there sleeping in the doorway was my dog!!! 5:50 AM - Oct 18, 2021 Twitter Web App
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    Clothing - Paul Boooooo ... @MrPaulBae Replying to @RexChapman and @TDogsLife I remember this story. Love it. usatoday.com Lost dog, family reunited 18 months after Sandy The owners found their dog when they went to an SPCA shelter to adopt a new one. 9:47 PM - Oct 16, 2021 Twitter Web App
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    Dog - Tandreynna 18 @Mulgarath3 ... Replying to @TDogsLife See him face! He got to go home! f 9:51 PM - Oct 16, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Smile - Kimberly R. K. @KimberlyRKelly1 Replying to @IAmPoliticsGirl and @TDogsLife Dog's name was Reckless. Monmouth County SPCA about 7 years ago Imagine this: Your family dog is lost during Hurricane Sandy. A searching and giving up hope, 1.5 years later you decide to adopt a dog. You head to the Monmout County SPCA, meet with an adoption counselor a plan on meeting some dogs. The adoption counselor brings in your first candidate and guess what; it's YOUR DOG!... See More
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    Dog - KMS ... @kms_sf Replying to @TDogsLife and @MalcolmNance That is why every dog should have a microchip. Baxter has a microchip even though he only weighs 7 pounds. If a 7 pound dog can be safely microchipped so can your dog. 10:27 PM · Oct 16, 2021 · Twitter for Android

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