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Who Let The Dogs Out: A Doggo Meme Dump

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    Dog - When ur being lazy and somebody brings you food so you look at them like they just saved your life

    This might be an unpopular opinion but nothing feels better than serving your dog a giant bowl of his favorite food and seeing this look on his face. We call this look the "gaze of eternal love and affection" because it looks just like the women in those old fashioned paintings gazing affectionately at their lover. Honestly food = love so it figures.

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    Dog - Taking a different route to the vet worked... until we turned the corner.

    Oh no! Stop everything, the doggo is onto us! There's nothing wrong with trying to trick your pupper a little bit for the good of his own health. Whether that means hiding the dog's pill inside of some cheese, or driving to the vet a little bit weirdly, whatever you have to do to keep your doggo healthy, do it! 

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    Dog - Mirror mirror in the bowl who's the goodest boy you know...
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    Dog - In case you are having a bad day here's a dog sneezing
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    Photograph - me with every dog PAL BUILD AL ALLL HALF AMAZING HALF TERRIFIC. HE'S A MUTT.
  • 6
    Nose - when u say ur going to take an hour nap and wake up 10 hours later
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    Dog - HE MONCH BUTT - renaissance painting, 1602
  • 9
    Clothing - He's scared of the little dog and wanted to be picked up.
  • 10
    Brown - My dog's ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights
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  • 11
    Glasses - Albert is not having the best day.
  • 12
    Photograph - The OH MY GOD I'M GLAD UR HOME starter pack

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