I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "We adopted Miss Kitty yesterday..."


    "We adopted Miss Kitty yesterday from the shelter. 8 years old, one tooth left, a congenital foot defect causing a limp, and overweight. She'd been at the shelter since December. We couldn't leave her there. She's a love bug. Such a sweet girl. So lucky to find her."

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    "I’ve never been in a situation where I could care for a dog..."


    "I've never been in a situation where I could care for a dog and after a lifetime of waiting I got a Mini Bernese Mountain Puppy. My wife won't let me name him Bernese Anders but he's still perfect."

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    "Esther was found dying by a pond..."


    "Esther was found dying by a pond in our neighborhood. No one claimed her so we took her to the vet, got her treated, then decided to keep her. Our vet guessed she was 18. She bounced back and had an amazing five months full of love and snuggles. She passed away two weeks ago. She was so beautiful"

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    "My dream of having a cat finally came true. Here is my handsome boy, Cosmo"

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    "I’m a trapper for a cat rescue and sometimes you just can’t say no. World, meet Ranger"

  • 6

    "Just adopted a cat and she needs a name! She’s very sweet and cuddly."

  • 7

    "After waiting 37 years, I finally got my own dog, meet Willow!"

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    "After years of waiting for my children to grow up to a responsible age, I finally got my kitten! Reddit meet Periwinkle."

  • 9

    "today I got my first cat!"

  • 10

    "Adopted this big meat pie today. After losing our last pup in April, we decided it was time."

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  • 11

    "32 years old and finally got my first puppy. Say hello to Maxwell!"

  • 12

    "This is Schmoo, she joined our family yesterday at 7 weeks. She was born with no tail at all. I love her to pieces already."

  • 13

    "Got this little girl on Tuesday..."


    "Got this little girl on Tuesday. If you pick her up she slaps you, get your face too close she slaps you, petting her is fine but then she climbs up you on the couch and then tries to slap you. What is going on?"

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  • 14

    "I'm adopting this lovely British shorthair lady - what name would suit her best?"

  • 15

    "Can’t wait to pick up this cutie on Saturday! Name suggestion? He’s a chonky muscular boy with gorgeous blue eyes. Heard he’s super sweet and cuddly!"

  • 16

    "Took in a stray kitten last night. After a few hours of stress she finally calmed down. Meet Pumpkin!"

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  • 17

    "Help name new male kitten! Possibly something with video games, sci-fi, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc."

  • 18

    "I was driving down an alley..."


    "I was driving down an alley and this little guy ran up to my car. When I stopped at the stop sign, I opened the door and he got in! He was cold and starving and needed a bath but he is the sweetest! Meet our new Halloween kitty, his name is Boo!"

  • 19

    "My first cat. Any name suggestions?"

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  • 20

    "I’ve been on a seemingly never ending streak of severe depression..."


    "I've been on a seemingly never ending streak of severe depression for most of this pandemic. Came home to a new friend my mom rescued. His name is Sam, and I'm so damn happy and can't wait to have a little buddy to come home to."


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