Employees Get The Best Of Unhinged CEO In Saga of Malicious Compliance

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    Font - Posted by u/aikdxz 18 hours ago 23 27 3 27 15 Malicious compliance at work (three for one special!) oc L Back at the beginning of 2021, I worked at a small community health non profit with an insane CEO. She would constantly call team meetings to put down and belittle employees in front of the entire staff. Often, she would throw around some variation of "do I have to do everything around here?!" and call everyone on staff incompetent. When we did do something right, she never gave us cre
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    Font - One day, the CEO called a team meeting. In a group text chat between some of the more chill employees, we immediately begin sending snake and eye roll emojis. Sure enough, we get on the call and she begins by bringing to our attention how "Louise" does not dress appropriately for work. Louise, who is also upper management (the COO), looks about ready to smack the CEO. The CEO viciously tears into Louise, commenting on everything from her hair style to her lipstick shade to how it's inappr
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    Font - The next day, the CEO calls another meeting. We all join and Louise turns on her camera. I immediately had to turn off mine because I did not want to be caught laughing my ass off. Louise was dressed from head to toe in what looked like something someone would wear to prom. Her hair was immaculately styled into an elaborate updo, her makeup was professionally done with lash extensions and everything. She was dripping with (what I assume were) fake diamonds... tiara, earrings, necklace, br
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    Font - The CEO was immediately fuming. "Why are you dressed like that?!" she screeched. "You told us to dress more formally. This is formal wear. Is something wrong?" "That's not professional for work!" "Oh, I'm sorry, I must have been confused! You said we needed us to dress formally, but I think what you meant to say was professionally." The CEO was livid, but Louise continued to rock the prom outfit all day, meeting with patients and clients and everything. Later that week, "Tina" texts our g
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    Font - Tina had literally detailed her entire past 24 hour day down to the minute. 6:45 AM, awoken by husband's flatulence. 7:00 AM, peed and changed menstrual pad. 7:02 AM, began bowel movement. 7:10 AM, completed bowel movement. 7:12 AM, turned on shower. 7:13 AM, tested water temperature with hand. You get the idea. Apparently the CEO called her on her cell phone and berated her for sending such a detailed timesheet. Tina reminded her that she had requested her entire day down to the minute,
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    Font - At 6 AM, she calls again. Again, I refuse to answer. 7 AM, refuse to answer. 8 AM, refuse to answer. Finally, at 9 AM, I call her back. She asks to hop on a video call. "I've been trying to get ahold of you all morning! Where have you been?!" "Loud sigh Can I help with you something?" I asked, not even trying to hide my irritation. I literally rubbed my temples and slurped on my coffee loudly. "You didn't answer my question" "And I'm not going to. I was off the clock at the time you calle
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    Font - "I need you to reset all of our company usernames and passwords. We're letting someone go today and it's company policy to change all of that" At the same time, Louise texts me that she is being let go. So I read the company handbook and make a copy of the page that says the IT person must update the usernames and passwords and give the information to the COO. I changed all of the usernames and passwords to everything, from social media accounts to bank accounts to QuickBooks and emails.
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    Font - The very next day, on Saturday, the CEO calls me repeatedly. Finally, she leaves me a long and howling voicemail to say what I did was unprofessional and she would make sure my reputation suffered and I would never work in that industry again. I wait until Monday to call her back. "Hey, CEO, I saw you called?" "I need the usernames and passwords to everything!" "I'm sorry, but I don't work there anymore. You will have to contact your IT person to help with that" "You are the IT person!" "
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    Font - "You changed all the usernames and passwords and didn't provide them to me!" "Correct. Per company policy, when an employee leaves the organization, the IT person is supposed to update everything and send the new info to the COO. I was leaving, so I updated everything. I provided all the usernames and passwords to Louise" "You knew she was quitting too! Why would you give them to her?" "Because the company policy says to transfer the new username and passwords to the COO, not the CEO. Lou
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    Font - On Louise's and my last day, Tina and another employee quit. Another person announced her retirement. Once the five of us were gone, we were followed by several other employees. In total, 11 people on the 14 person staff quit within a few weeks. The best part? I got a new job making the same amount I did at the shty non profit, but part time in a government position and with full time benefits. So much for my reputation suffering! I stayed in touch with one of the employees who stayed beh


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