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13 Photos Of People Who 'Didn't Want A Pet' Eating Their Words

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    Vertebrate - @charlesthegnu BREAKING: Man Who Didn't Want a Dog requests to be used as a dog bed

    Awww, this fluffy and floofy doggo is made of 110% preciousness. Just look at him! He's so smol and awwdorable curled up on is hoomans lap. It's no surprise that this man was won over by his absolutely perfect pupper. Let's all just admire their bond silently instead of making fun of this man who ever dared to say he didn't want a pet dog. Fool…

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    Furniture - Clare ... @mrscmway This is the man who didn't want a second dog

    Honestly, we have a lot of questions about how this happened. But we really don't want to distur this duo by asking, because this moment is just too cute to disturb. Just look at the two of them together, such a beautiful and heartwarming photo. Here's to many more photographs just like this one.

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    Cat - Chrissy #STREAMFEVER Costanza @ChrissyCostanza remember when I didn't even really like cats and now I'm like LOOK AT MY SONS every five minutes
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    Cabinetry - rin @_nire_ ex. 6,435 of "my dad didn't want a pet at all, but now they're actual best friends" HA HA Your Father got Monti a variety box of treats and explained to him what the varieties included
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    Cat - AYAKA @ATC_SWIFTY_A Replying to @ChrissyCostanza I didn't like cats before, but now I like them very much. I love my cat very much.
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    Cat - Kirsten ... @CherryRedGhosts Replying to @ChrissyCostanza I've always been a cat person and owning a cat is literally the best thing
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    Dog - Celena Vongole ... @NinaC45 Me and my love lunching. Bruno my first dog that I didn't want & like millions caved in to my daughter 10 years ago and here we are. I can't believe how much I love this chunky wee guy who has kept me going in a few dark moments. lunch-dinner
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    Dog - Curtis M Lynch @curtismlynch ... The first day we brought Maddy from the shelter. Pam brought her home, and I didn't want a dog. But things changed quickly.
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    Jeans - Stephanie Ison @steph_ison ... Until this fallI was "not a cat person" but this very persistent cat, that acts like a dog, adopted us and what do I know anyway.
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    Dog - J. Singh @theauthorsays So, if you know me, you know l'm not really a dog person. But.. this lil guy is ok. I think. Cedar (like the tree). #dogsoftwitter His name is
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    Dog - Denboy71 @denboy71 Somebody forget to tell this cat iam a dog person shes 16 & very fussy about being around new people as well apparently (not my cat) 5304/nhotn/1
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    Glasses - MotherOfShenanigans @ChristyShenani1 Replying to @Padmalakshmi and @AnimalHaven My husband was not a dog person. It took me over a decade after marrying him to convince him we should rescue a dog. Now, he shares his pillow with one of our dogs most nights. Dogs are amazing. They love you so much you can't help but love them back. HAISIE
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    Dog - Christy Wulff @MrsChristyWulff My neighbor's dog is always in our yard. I literally had to put her in my car this morning to back out of my garage and not hit her. I'm a cat person but look at her. LOOK AT HER.

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