I Can Has Cheezburger?

16 Bodega Cats: Because There's Nowhere Like New York

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    Food - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_

    Awww, look at this little stinker hiding underneath the bananas, he's such a cute tabby and so handsome sitting there, guarding over his bodega. Yeah that's right, his bodega, don't get it twisted people. But seriously, this little guy is so cute, what a New York moment!

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    Photograph - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ 11.50 PMM.Oct 22 2021. Twitter for iPhone

    Did someone want to buy a little bit of ribbon? Ribbon and sewing supplies aren't technicallyyy a part of your average bodega, but this awwdorable calico cat is just too cute not to include in our bodega roundup. Seriously, just look at her and tell us you don't want to buy everything in the store right now, we'll wait…

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    Cat - ... Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ WATMUOD ARW NVIOBO Sat Sabirde
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ N ORDER TO TRY ON WIGS You MUST PURO A WIG CA (up front at cashi or Bring Yo Why Cuz Lice Al ALE SA
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    Green - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ...
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ CUPet Center, Inc 10 Jelferson Blvd, Angelas, CA90016, USA M6-0575 PCI ABiecufte HB-040 E SUR
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ... ALE
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    Line - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ... O @maprangwaaan
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    Cat - ... Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ NO 10CAR AL GATO Y NO TE SIENTES EN SU SILLA 100 Sp 151
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    Blue - ... Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ Sobritos OFFI
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    Shelf - ... Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ MPS 5125 AIS Flom ATTE CS
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ... @asee40 832
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    Banana - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ORAW RAW Meages
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats_ ...
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    Cat - Bodega Cats @Bodegacats O @trashcaat CRO OincEo whip-ity 20 CREAM CHA TM VIBES 2O CREAM CH Dwhip PO1018406 PO# DE IN UBLIC DUT

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