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Twitter User Teaches Parents Easy Bird Drawing To Show The Little Ones

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    Facial expression - ... AMinister Of Salt A @ArbutiiBae How To Teach Your Little Ones Birds Drawings [Thread] 2222 5353 6222 2222 7:09 AM · Aug 27, 2021 · Twitter for Android 111.8K Likes 28.8K Retweets 1,599 Quote Tweets

    Simple steps, fam! This user lays it all our easy peasy for our resident parents in the audience. Grab a chair, set up a little art station, and get going! Maybe throw some snacks in the mix as well, for the kids of course. 

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    Bird - Minister Of Salt @ArbutiiBae 7:09 AM - Aug 27, 2021 · Twitter for Android

    It's simple, but it's cute! And we all know how much kids enjoy bright colors and pretty animals. These love birds remind us of simpler times, when the only thing we had to worry about was reminding mom to heat up the dino shaped chicken nuggets for dinner. 

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    Product - Minister Of Salt , ... @ArbutiiBae To Parents In This Tweet Finally Discovering Their Hidden Talent
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    Smile - Minister Of Salt A @ArbutiiBae You're All Welcome To "How To Draw Birds" Parent Seminar à 10:06 AM - Aug 27, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Rectangle - Yassie @y_assie_ ... Replying to @ArbutiiBae First attempt 40
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    Gesture - Mathemba @miranda_themba Replying to @ArbutiiBae 1st and 2nd attempt
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    Organism - She Madam ... @Virginia130115 Replying to @ArbutiiBae Being a mother a I had to try it U other one is bigger so it's a parent the
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    Bird - Tutor ... @Kingsley_O Replying to @ArbutiiBae Not too late for this ee 2.
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    Rectangle - Dolapo @zeegirl03 Replying to @ArbutiiBae
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    Rectangle - Endan Shivhas ww. @Rendy Rex Replying to @ArbutiiBae Mine are dwarfs!
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    Output device - Njabulo M @Bulo xii Replying to @ArbutiiBae and @thelbert9
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    Computer - Thandi @Thandi_Ngozo Replying to @ArbutiiBae I tried Alt Gr Fn Ctrl

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