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This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (November 5, 2021)

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    Photograph - * oCora o.* ... esheismarose Me to my cats when I get home My cats

    Who else does this all the time? The urge to shout for joy when you see your beloved kitty cats again is just way too high. After all, when you haven't seen your cats in so long, being reunited definitely calls for a celebration. So put your hands together and jump for joy at the excitement caused by such a crazy commotion.

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    Plant - Cole & Marmalade @ColeTheBlackCat ... One day! FUTURE HOUSE GOALS My home Cat room

    Wow, what a perfect idea for a future house! If your house doesn't already have a cat room inside it, then what are you really doing? Just saying, a cat room is pretty baller. Maybe we should add a cat room to the I Can Has Cheezburger office, what do you guys think?

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    Cat - Joe Newberry eJoeNewberry ... Cats always keep it real. LARGE FARIK ST Vomited
  • 4
    Rectangle - Sydney Leathers esydneyelainexo having a relationship with a human man: disappointing. unfulfilling building a tiny army of cats: entertaining, comforting, emotionally fulfilling
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  • 5
    Cat - Gemogorgon @Gemlewriting Some of the names my local SPCA gives their adoptable cats are... hmm. Teeth
  • 6
    Cat - rosé ... eteirydreamya feeling like this cat
  • 7
    Font - Elle M. elle em Cats are now cryptocurrency each cat is worth one billion dollars
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  • 8
    Photograph - dove clarke ... elovedoveciarke my kitten has discovered her reflection W
  • 9
    Font - helena @freshhel I think my cat could drive a car if he was in the right mindset
  • 10
    Cat - - ciara - @ciaraturnerart Can't stop thinking about this pic of my cat
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  • 11
    Cat - Amy Kaiser @amy_kaiser12 It's national give your cat a Victorian collar day. U
  • 12
    Vertebrate - imane eimane head empty cats makin soup 64 SWISH 64 THUD SWISH THUD 102 WHIZŻ 16
  • 13
    Human body - Larry the Cat @Number10cat Just to be clear, ALL fish in "UK waters" belong to me.
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  • 14
    Cat - Cats @SpaceCatPics The cat in the cat

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