I Can Has Cheezburger?

A Collection Of Awwdroable Pet Habits: ICanHas Users Edition

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    Cat - Patti Lobley He's 17 and still picks up new habits..his latest one is face planting after eating dinner.he gets so sleepy and can't stay awake. He doesn't sleep like this often but when he does he totally looks like a bread loaf haha 7 Like Reply · Hide Message 2d

    You would think that after seventeen whole years, our pets would finally stop surprising us lol. They neve do. Having a pet is an adventure every single day. Our pets are still learning to do weird adorable stuff too, to this day. Not a single day is boring with them. Goodness, they just make life so much better.

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    Recipe - Bobbie AF Pete loves watching movies. Today she watched How to Train Your Dragon. 7 Like Reply Hide Message 2d

    Yes! Yes, we love this! We wanna hear more about this awwdorable little animal. We love seeing people giving love and appreciating animals who - on our humble opinions - don't get nearly enough spotlight. We hope this tiny one enjoyed the movie, and we hope you share many more stores about her with us.

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    Cat - Caitlin Williams When my Sophie wants my attention while I'm at my desk she will come to me and very gently but also insistently will tug on my sleeve with one gentle tug. And if I tell her to give me a minute she will pause and if I go back to working she will tug on my sleeve again. She is never aggressive about it. She is always very gentle in her attempts to get my attention. I always give in and stroke her beautiful face and she will lean into my hand with her eyes half closed. She is
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    Organism - Jacki N Leroy Sweet Randall, often smiles while he sleeps. the cutest little napper. he's 7 Like · Reply Hide Message · 2d
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    Rectangle - Samantha Austin James must wash himself after being touched. It doesn't matter if it's a little kiss or a full on pet-> full body bath. Cats.. Lol 4 Like Reply · Hide Message 2d
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    Cat - Patricia Ciesla Everytime Louie sees me, he runs in for a head bump and a quick lick on my nose, and then he's off!! Like · Reply · Hide Message 2d LACO
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    Rectangle - Sandra Rosenberg Every night I would carry our little deaf white cat upstairs to bed, him on my hip and carrying a glass of water in the other hand. He would lean around and take little laps of water from the glass as we made our way up. He was the sweetest little boy. Like · Reply · Hide · Message 2d - Edited
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    Comfort - Jacki Hough McKinley was a stray who showed up at my door in July. I couldn't get near him until recently and when it got cold out I brought him in the house. This is his first night and seeing TV for the first time! a Like · Reply · Hide Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Amber Chloe Hine Open the bedroom door on a Saturday morning and our kitten rushes in, dives straight onto the bed and snuggles between the two of us purring like crazy Like · Reply · Hide Message - 1d Edited
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    Cat - Iffer Steele L doesn't like it when anyone takes her sister. She gets concerned and follows Grandma whenever she comes over to pick her up 6. Like · Reply · Hide · Message· 2d
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    Font - Kira Phillips My cat has an adorable fascination with wee-pads. We get them for our senior dog and the cat decides she wants to play with them. She'll put her front paws on one and "skate" across the living room floor, or she'll roll around on the clean one we put down just for her and be as cute as possible. Like · Reply Hide Message 1d
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    Tap - Mikki Fitch He is fascinated with the kitchen sink and the gurgle water makes going down the drain. Like - Reply - Hide Message · 2d
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    Font - Heather Hightower My 11 year old tortie has valiantly protected me from The Thing Under The Covers every night since she was 6 weeks old. Unfortunately the Thing happens to be my foot. She's an old, toothless kitty now and the battle is much shorter, but she's no less brave than she was a decade ago.. Like · Reply · Hide · Message · 2d Edited
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    Cat - Rebecca Zoller Waffles needs to snuggle up to her Beans before sleep.. not that he minds Like Reply Hide Message 2d

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