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Most Heartwarming Things Pets Have Done For Their Humans: ICanHas Edition

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    Plant - Therese Lier When i was depressed, had been deeply depressed for some months, my cat started nagging me relentlessy and i could NOT make him stop, finally i just left the apartment to get away from him. He followed and we ended up going for a long walk. The next night he did the same nagging until i took him for a walk. That became a routine for us during the 6 months i was depressed, he kept me going! y now we go on walks and hikes regularly, attached pic is the first time we walked 2ho

    It's not just the walks too. Taking care of something - of a pet, making your pet happy, it makes you happy too. Being forced to do things consistently, and doing them with a positive attitude, knowing that you're making someone else happy is the way to go if you want to feel better. We know because some of our pets saved us too. And we're so glad this little furball saved you.

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    Organism - Top Fan Lucy Kusluch Last June I had to put my little JRT down, and I decided to just sit out and watch the moon that night. My Mini horse Sammie came over, and just stood with me, and let me cry into his mane without moving. and not being a pest is not typical of Sammie. (Standing still ODD 14 Care · Reply · Hide Message 14h

    People don't tend to think about animals other than cats and dogs as being even slightly affectionate. But we believe that all animals feel and that most pets - even horses - are attuned to us and understand when we're happy vs. when we're down. Thank you for adding this wonderful story here and reminding us that other animals are amazing pets too. 

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    Organism - Sandra Price-Allen She sleeps on me to protect me from 'danger,' cuddles with me when I'm not feeling well, escorts me to and from the bathroom so I don't get lost. When I am outside, she watches me from the widow, so I don't forget to come back inside. If I cough or sneeze she runs to me, so that her face is inches from mine to make sure I am OK. She comforts me when I'm sad, and is the best foot warmer throughout the cold winter nights. And her name is Bitzi O 3 Like · Reply Hide Me
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    Product - Marije van Schelven Her full name is 'zuster Glippie poes de liefste' that translates to 'Nurse Slinky cat the sweetest' she comes to sit on grownups exactly where you are hurting (my love has a chest infection on the picture) with the kids she comes to sleep with them. She knows exactly what you need. Like Reply Hide Message 12h 3.
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    Font - Leah Blum A few years ago, I had some neck surgery. Our dog Alex and I would play ball, but with a special pink ball that we called "pink ballie man". Actually every toy has a "man" ending."bone man, Chinese food man". Well.I was just going to be in hospital overnight, ol packed a small duffle of things. The morning I was getting ready to go home, I reached in, and here was pink ballie man. Alex had placed the ball in my duffle for me.l am assuming to,play with while I was in hospital. We
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    Font - Krista McLaughlin I was really sick and had a fever. It's just me and my cat. He stayed by my head while I laid in bed. He was just a little over a yr old. Every so often he'd get up and stick his face in mine and sniff. He did this a few times. Then after a few hours after a face sniff he got down from the bed. It was soon after that I noticed my fever left. He also laid on my chest after a bad reaction to an otc medicine and I had very bad shakes. I call him my little nursemaid. He is n
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    Font - Laura Dutton My cat alerted me that my hot water tank failed. I got home from work and she was freaking out. She went to the basement stairs and meowed. When I ignored it she grabbed the bottom of my pants with her teeth and pulled me toward the basement. It was odd behavior so I followed. Sure enough there was water on the floor and the tank had failed. I had no reason to go the basement that night so it would have caused damage if she didn't do that. She is a good kitty. D 12 Like Reply
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    Rectangle - Adele Stirpe We had a cat growing up that I would always hold like a baby. I was upset and crying really hard. He reached out and put his paw on my cheek to comfort me! Sweetest thing ever! 3 Like · Reply · Hide Message - 15h
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    Rectangle - Jølaigh Gray I have insomnia. And when l'm lying in bed angry, frustrated, wondering how l'm ever going to get back to sleep, my kitten comes up, lays on my chest and purrs. I'm usually asleep within like ten minutes. Like · Reply · Hide · Message · 17h
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    Gesture - Taramay Curtis My Lokai here knows when I have bad days and after a treatment I am still groggy and nauseated and in a general grumpy mood. So when l'm working on stuff on the computer she sits like this for the whole time. I guess she just wants me to giggle. Like · Reply · Hide Message - 17h
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    Font - Cheryl Lynn Jones I had a toy poodle, Nicky. When I brought a boyfriend home, he growled and wouldn't come near him. We broke up shortly after. I brought my next boyfriend home, and Nicky fussed over him like they were long lost buddies. I guessed he passed the test because this one I married. So we always said Nicky picked this one for me. It was hard to say who cried the hardest when Nicky died, my husband or me. Husband and I were married for almost 20 years but died three weeks before
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    Cat - Rick Neal When I used to work nights, I'd often stay awake during the day way longer than I should. One day I was sitting on my bed after work, not feeling the greatest, trying to think about errands and what not that I wanted to do that day. Honey hopped up on the bed beside me and started patting and pawing the blankets. My cat straight up told me to go to bed that day. Like Reply Hide Message · 19h - Edited
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    Head - Carri Tonn Her Majesty Denka snuggled me when infelt like giving up. I got home from work and cried. I said I couldn't keep her because I was a failure with life and money. She licked my cheek and sat on my lap (she never does that) and I calmed down and said l'd keep trying. That was 3 years ago. The photo is from yesterday's walk. 7 Like Reply Hide Message 19h
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    Rectangle - Terry L Derderian Woke me up one night when I had forgotten to put on my CPAP. I must have really been struggling to breathe. He was meowing really loud and head-butting my face. Once I woke up, he lay down and started to purr. Like · Reply · Hide Message · 20h
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    Cat - Kitin Felipe My hubby and I may not have stayed together for that long through our own emotional and mental bouts if it weren't for our "kids." Here's one sweet boy. 9. Like · Reply · Hide Message · 20h
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    Font - Rebecca Greenwood We took our cats to the care home where my nan lived. One of the cats hid and wouldn't come out, but the other sat on her knee and purred while she stroked him. I have a photo of that moment and I'm so grateful to him for doing that. 6. Like · Reply · Hide Message - 20h
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    Cat - Chanda Walker Tabitha protects us from all the bugs. She meows when we sneeze as if to ask "You ok?". Tabitha has to inspect all the mail, and bags that enter her home. Why? Bc there might be a buggy hiding in them. She doesn't like to snuggle but she checks on us all the time. In the pic she is mad at the hubby bc he would not let her inspect the take out bag that still had food in it. Like Reply · Hide Message 20h

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