I Can Has Cheezburger?

Awwdorably Funny Pet Habits: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

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    Product - Merissa Bookman She used to love stealing the sponges. Sometimes l'd wake up with a sponge in the bed with me D 40 Like · Reply · Message 6d

    That's not weird. You have to understand. That's your cat giving you a message. You stank and must clean yoself. You're the one misunderstanding the situation, really, our cats can see that we never lick ourselves, and them cleaning us is clearly not enough. Take the sponge, Merissa, accept your fate. 

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    Carnivore - Theresa Dudash Steimle She was trying to catch her tail using the banister. Like · Reply Message 6d

    Now, this - this is what we call a weirdo. Goodness, we love dumb cats. Or creative cats. Whichever one this one is, we love it. How can cats be so ridiculous, we will never understand. We hope she was satisfied with her choice of adventure, because we sure are. 

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    Automotive lighting - Lynn Benkowski She decided to nap in my cast iron frying pan.
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    Comfort - Becky Carr I don't know what happened while I was out working in the yard, but ClaraBell had Yogi Bear in the corner when I came in the house. Bad Yogi! Like · Reply Message 5d
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    Font - Muriel Scheurer Okay, I will try to tell this story, a bit hard because even in Dutch I had trouble explaining myself and English is just a language I learned at school. Anyway, here goes. My cat has regular zoomies which is already so much fun to watch because you never know what will happen. As that one time. She came running in from the backyard, one straight line from the tree in the back to my couch in the living room, as she always does but this time she ran so fast it looked like s
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    Product - Emmy Heiser My Big Granny Kitty is SUPER fussy about her water.. serve her filtered water with ice in a tall crystal dish at a comfortable height, but after it was melted and warm she needed to knock it over to show her disapproval... Then proceeded to drink the spilled water off the floor lol #spoiledkitty Water dish drinking the water that was in the dish off of the floor 9. Like · Reply Message 6d
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    Rectangle - Laura Bird My cat found a tiny piece of dry spaghetti and it became her favorite toy. 6. Like · Reply · Message · 6d
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    Rectangle - Ashly Walter 3 lb cat trying to steal a 22 Ib turkey as it was defrosting 21 Like · Reply Message 6d
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    Rectangle - Dawna Hodgins My cat "surfs" across the living room on reusable grocery bags. She starts in one room, runs down the hall onto her bag and slides across the rest of the room. 14 Like · Reply Message 6d
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    Dog - Mella Rousse My dog would take all the bedding off the bed, including the fitted sheet, then take a nap. DD 11 Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Font - Laura A Davenport Tommy has one of those cardboard kitty houses with a scratcher floor. He likes to sit in it and look out the window, takes his toys in it. But, on one end there's a cat sized door the cat is supposed to use to go in and out and Tommy uses the decorative one on the side that's about half his size. Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Font - Top Fan Ashlee Wiltshire Another one: my cat, Jade, when she was younger, anytime she thought I was in a room and locked her out, she would cry at the door so pathetically you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Whats worse, sometimes I would be just sitting on the couch in the open living room, l'd actually WATCH her walk to the closed door, and begin to cry at it while l'm just on the couch behind her watching. I had to call her just once to make her stop and she would come running over
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    Rectangle - Tina Torrey I have 2 maine coons and when they were kittens, they would PULL the giant afghan off the couch, DRAG it down the long hallway and partway into the bedroom. I wish I had my cameras working at that time. It was hysterical. We didn't have kids nor a dog, only 2 kittens. Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Font - Top Fan Ashlee Wiltshire My kitten likes to drink water by scratching at the water, then licking the water off her paw, and repeat. You can tell she doesn't think it's efficient and just a cute quirk of her's, because after a short while of doing this she gives up, leans over and starts lapping like a normal cat I also caught her playing with a gross wet glob of hair she fished out of the bathroom sink drain herself, tossing it all over the bathroom. Atleast we know we won't need drain cl
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    Eye - Jenn Gratz My torti cat will take one piece of dry food out her bowl with her paw and eat, she does this EVERY time she eats 4 Like Reply Message 6d
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    Rectangle - Top Fan Lucy Kusluch The way he greeted me every morning.. miss him so much. 17 Like Reply · Message 6d
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    Cat - Top Fan Ralph Robbins My old cat Bowser was a klepto, and one day after a friend came over and kicked off his flip flops, Bowser grabbed one with his teeth and took it to the 2nd floor of my townhouse Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Product - Teresa Hawkins Wilson Attacking the paper towel roll, that we had hidden in the cabinet to get it away from her, she found it! b 19 Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Dog - Bobbie AF She likes to watch TV with us. Like · Reply · Message 6d
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    Dog - Katherine Figley My dog (see photo) loves scratching his back by rolling over and sliding down the hill in our back yard. He has the biggest smile on his face every single time. 17 Like · Reply Message 6d - Edited

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