10 British Slang Words To Go With Your Tea And Crumpets

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    'On My Ones'

    "On my ones" is a popular phrase used in South East London and is simply slang for "on my own." Variants of the phrase include: On your ones, Ones and One-sies.

    Person A: I'm just going to go get some chocolate.

    Person B: Don't leave me on my ones!

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    'Fit' is British for hot. It has nothing to do with fitness which may confuse some. It is simply attractive/good looking. 

    Example: "Dude that girl by the bar is fit!" 

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    This a newer slang term meaning 'f*ck off.' 

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    1. To waste time doing nothing. 2. To waste time doing stupid things 3. To delay, dilly-dally, especially before leaving the house to be on time somewhere.

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    My personal favorite. Chuffed means to be proud, gratified, honored and satisfied. When accepting an award you could say, 'I'm chuffed to bits just to be nominated." 

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    When you are 'proper knackered' it means you are tired, exhausted and done for the day. 

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    This a silly one. A 'wanker' is most commonly used as a term for idiot/loser/fool. Not to be confused with 'to wank' which means to masturbate. 

    Example: Get away from me you bloody wanker!

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    To have a kip is to have a nap or a bit of sleep. 

    Example: After working that long shift, we were all ready for the kip. 

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    The Brits just love to do a 180 on certain words. In American English slang, 'a fanny' is a butt. The Brits take it to the exact opposite part of the body and use it for ~vagina~


    UK, Australia, NZ. Fanny = vagina
    Yanks, fanny= bum, butt, booty 

    Aimee Gibbs on Sex Education says, "I wish my fanny looked like that."

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    'Up The Duff'

    'Up the duff' is a more crude way of saying to be pregnant. 

    Example: Did you hear Karen is up the duff? 

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