Ten Women Reveal How They Knew They Were Dating A Momma's Boy

  • The guy whose mom decorated our apartment and he wouldn't let me change it

    Lip - VIDA STARZ What I didn't consent to is having your mom in here with us.

    My boyfriend and I were moving into an apartment in a new city together. He moved in first, and I followed several weeks later. When I arrived I found that the place was completely decorated….by his mom. While I appreciated the gesture I started changing things so that my home matched my personal style. My boyfriend and I got into a MASSIVE fight because he forbid me from changing anything so his mother's feelings wouldn't be hurt.

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  • The guy whose mom calls your mom to complain about you when he won't stop speaking to his ex.

    Gesture - #kimsconvenience Tell your mom I say bye.

    My boyfriend and I were having some issues when I found out he was texting with his ex on a regular basis. A huge argument ensued and his mom ended up calling my mom (they were friends) to tell her to 'get her daughter under control' because her son will not put up with this 'nonsense'. My mom suggested she tell her son to stop continuing a flirtatious relationship with the ex and lying about it. She had no idea.

  • The guy who wanted me to smell like his mom


    The guy I was dating bought me a nice perfume for my birthday. It was the same perfume his mom wears. THIS is how I knew I was dating a momma's boy.

  • The guy who moved his mom into our small apartment for five weeks after an injury. FIVE WEEKS!

    Forehead - OMA MAMAYS BOY

    My ex-boyfriend got surgery on his ACL and couldn't really do anything for six weeks. He said his mom was going to come help 'for a while'. Three weeks later she was STILL there, in our 1100 sq foot apartment. When I told my boyfriend he should tell his mom we will be OK without her and that she can go home he refused. She stayed for five weeks and constantly made comments about how he wouldn't be 'well taken care of' if she left.

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  • The 42-year-old guy whose mom still did his laundry.


    A few weeks after I moved in with my ex the hamper in our closet was overflowing. When I asked if he was going to do his laundry he said he didn't know how because his mom has always done it for him. He's 42. I came home several days later and his mom had driven three hours to do his laundry. He had enough clothing to last him 30 days so she would stay with us once/month JUST to do his laundry because I refused to do it for him.

  • The guy who brought his mom during an argument to defend him.

    Forehead - I want to make her proud. I'm a mama's boy.

    My boyfriend and I got into a big argument. His mom showed up at my house the next day and said 'OK, so we need to work this out.' She basically sat down and was trying to argue on his behalf and tell me I was being unreasonable. We could not have the slightest disagreement without her hearing every detail and defending her son.

  • The guy who tried to base the location of our new apartment based on how easy it was for his mom to visit.

    Hair - Your mom's a bitch.

    When my ex and I started looking for an apartment together he showed up to meet the realtor with his mother. We explained to the realtor what we were looking for and what areas we would be open to. His mother completely hijacked the meeting, telling us where we can and can't live based on how easy it was for her to get there. An amazing place for a great price was available that I really wanted to see, but his mom said it would be too hard to get there for her because she doesn't like driving on the highway and my ex agreed to not see it. We didn't end up moving in together.

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  • The guy who had a catch up phone conversation with his mom just as were about to have sex for the first time.

    Hair - Mommy!

    I was dating a guy and we started to get busy in the bedroom for the first time when his phone started ringing. He turned over to his nightstand and I figured he was going to turn the obnoxious ringer off. "Oh, one second. It's my mom," he said. I was trying not to judge in case his mom had health issues or something, but no. He continued chatting with her about nothing in particular as I sat there in my lacy bra and panties.

  • The guy whose mom lectured me on what birth control I should be on the first time I met her.

    Face - - GRVE UM...

    I met my new boyfriend's parents for the first time and at the dinner table, she asked me what form of birth control I was on. When I didn't answer her she went on a tangent about how she really prefers me to be on birth control if I am sleeping with her son. My boyfriend said nothing the whole time.

  • The guy whose mom who tried to micromanage my life.

    Hair - SCREAMTRILOGY Please leave me alone!

    My ex-boyfriend was a navy officer and sometimes worked overnights. After we moved in together his mother would come to visit and basically make me a list of things to do, a grocery list of everything he liked to eat for breakfast, and how to make it. I was in the process of finding a new job since I moved there to be with him and she would constantly bombard me with emails of job listings that were not in my field and things I wouldn't even be remotely interested in because she thought they 'would allow me to be at home to take care of her son'…as if my existence and all my aspirations in life should revolve around the proper care and feeding of her sweet baby boy.


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