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Twitter Thread: Cats Using Their Hoomans As ATMs

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    Human body - Avery Edison @aedison just realized l'm my cat's rich friend

    We've totally been there before. Cats just love requesting the finest cat food, finest napping spots, and constant attention all the time. They never think "hmm, maybe I've asked for too many cat treats this week". Seriously, never. Cats are the epitome of the "treat yourself" mentality. Just think about it, has your pet cat ever chosen the cheaper option of well, anything? Exactly…

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    Rectangle - Kevin JF Topp @keverzoid Replying to @aedison Let's be honest. You're that cat's personal assistant.

    Wow, this is so true! Whether it's fetching your cat more food, more litter, more anything, hoomans are always at their pet cats disposal. But honestly, we wouldn't want it any other way. Because cats are the most purrrfect pets ever. Yes, even with all of their shortcomings, they're just so stinking perfect in every way! You either love cats, or you, well, probably aren't reading this.

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    Font - Manic Pixie Dream Girl @clinicallymanic Replying to @DontMeowt and @aedison I think my dog thinks we are equals with a rich benefactor because all of our food magically appears on the doorstep
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    Font - Darth Somnus ... @darthsomnus Replying to @aedison My cat is actually much better off than my wife and I. She does give us financial advice, though.
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    Rectangle - The rationale @SES_rationale Replying to @forthecomments1 and @aedison I think my cat has realised l'm his poor friend. ... Yes, cats are judgemental.
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    Rectangle - beth @bourgeoisalien Replying to @aedison and @GigaloMaximus Has he started embezzling from you yet? Always check your Amazon account too, you don't know what your cat will order when your back is turned.
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    Font - Rulinka ... @Rulinka5 Replying to @aedison and @dreamarius You even tell her about all the trips they don't get to go on.
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    Font - is this praxis? @IsThisPraxis Replying to @aedison This is making me feel really bad about leaving my cat at home when I go do activities he can't afford
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    Human body - Dr Eva Burke ... @Eva_B89 Replying to @lsThisPraxis and @aedison But he doesn't have pockets, he couldn't go anyway. Where would his keys go?
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    Font - Mario Cormier @overflow2038 Replying to @aedison You're doing good then... I'm my cat's pet monkey. And not a very smart one, as I never understand what he wants (like leave the front door wide open in the middle of winter).
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    Smile - Mario Speedwagon @SilipigniMario ... Replying to @aedison and @Angibangie Damn... I've been debating asking my cats if I could borrow some money.
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    Font - I'm a Fan of the USA @dyouts Replying to @aedison $ $ I'm my cat's door opener cause he's aware I have hat skillI.

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