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Tumblr Thread: Sheep Have Long Tails And Pigs Are Hella Scary

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    Dog breed - ratcoded Follow who else is in the "didn't realize sheep have long tails until i was like 20" club dimetrodone Follow

    It's amazing, when we think about it, we truly don't think we have ever seen a sheep with a long tail before. And we're older than 20 at this point. Honestly, with this job, we're learning new things about animals every single day, and a surprising amount of that knowledge comes from tumblr. 

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    Plant - Veriedia MerMedia http://stockagency .panthermedia.net/m/stock-photos/472309 Undocked unrestrained PartherMedia

    Not that we care where that knowledge comes from. So long as we get to learn cute things like 'sheep have long tails that wag when happy just like dogs' or petrifying things like 'pigs are killing-machines' we ain't complainin'.

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    Font - spontaneousmusicalnumber Follow The reason most farmers dock (cut off) the tails is to prevent fly strike, an often lethal infection of fly larvae in the rear of the sheep. Without a (VERY FLUFFY) tail for fecal matter to accumulate on, fly strike is almost completely eliminated! brunhiddensmusings Follow there is a wide variety of similar treatments for farm animals that are entirely for the animals well being pigs get their tail curled and tusks removed as babies so they dont accidental
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    Font - goats/cows often have their horns removed as babies as well both for obvious reasons to prevent stabbings but also to prevent them from growing in weird that can cause pain and infection for the animal chickens and other poultry, especially pet ones or hobby farms, might have their flight feathers clipped to prevent them from flying over fences, where their life expectancy is nill outside the farm/owners enclosure
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    Font - ripstikkid Follow Very good and valid points but please tell me what you mean by "might be fatal once the other pigs react to the scent of blood" before I lose my marbles battlships Follow Pigs are omnivores and cannibals. Fun fact if you ever have need to dispose of a body, tossing it in a pigpen will get rid of it real fast. amaronith Follow There's a reason why everyone went into a full blown panic when Dorothy fell into the pigpen in the Wizard of Oz. Pigs are vicious.
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    Cartoon - acefandom103 Follow
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    Hair - crys-at-acorns Okay, was anybody going to tell me that domestic pigs are born with tusks or was I just supposed to read this in a post about docking sheep myself?
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    Font - 2devils Follow i remember there was a Criminal Minds Episode where the bodies were disposed of by being given to pigs to eat. it gave me nightmares. alphagodith Follow humans can be awful, and a lot of companies that mass-produce animal-based products are disgusting, but what people like to forget is that nature is not purely happiness and peace and rainbows, either. just cuz people do it doesn't mean it's bad. just cuz nature does it doesn't mean it's good. these matters are not black an
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    Font - thefloatingstone Follow My mom grew up on a farm and my grandmother told her and my uncle to stay away from the pig pens because a family friend's kids were throwing rocks at the pigs and making them angry for fun.. and then the 3 year old toddler fell into the pen. Also when I was in Vancouver in 2007 or 2008 there was a big news story about a serial killer who had just been caught who... happened to own a pig farm... if you get my gist
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    Organism - thefloatingstone Follow Reblogging this because I remembered that Entelodon (a prehistoric wild pig) existed. Entelodon compared with a 1.8 meter tall person 1 2 DIMENSIONS IN METERS 3 www.prehistoric-wildlife.com
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    Facial expression - underfanworld "Sheeps have long tails" "If you ever need to dispose of a body, tossing it in a pigpen will get rid of it real fast"
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    Facial expression - amateurcatalyst Follow to lighten the mood a bit: sheep can wag their tails when happy, much like dogs 243,268 notes

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