I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

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    "From my abusive moms house, living in the car, staying in a hotel, to FINALLY out own place. she’s been there through thick and thin. My partner in crime"

    Face - S DA
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    "This moggy is a hero. After the barn went up in flames, she woke up the family, not only saving their lives but most of the animals too."

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    "Took my cat to the vet today..."


    "Took my cat to the vet today. They brought her a pellet litter box, which she really wasn't sure about. The vet said "she has to pee, she just isn't impressed with the pellets." This was the look of disdain on her face when she finally went."

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    "My girlfriend allows this…it scares me"

    Property - DA VA
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    "Hello! This kitty forced her way into my apartment..."


    "Hello! This kitty forced her way into my apartment... Shes been hanging out around here for a few days and she's been trying to get in a lot... Its very cold tonight (35) and I'm wondering if it's even safe for Me to kick her out? She's very very insistent on staying. No collar."

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    "This cat hangs around my neighbourhood, what breed is he?"

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    "When you trap a clearly lost and scared indoor cat at 1 am and have to make sure your husband doesn't let her out when he gets up"

    Handwriting - Don't Car Inside
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    "She's alive, has a name, is a domestic shorthair, and I don't need medical advice. Just thought I'd share Ginger with the world."

  • 9

    "Poor little guy..."

    Cat - tu to ha

    "Poor little guy has started visiting my home. Looks like his life has been ruff. He can't breath right and he can't even meow. What can I do to help him on a very small budget?"

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    "My brother and I built a house with heated blanket for a stray cat that roaming near our house for winter, but we got an uninvited guest."

    Cat - WYZE 2021-11-15 20:39:31
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    "Cora keeps meowing like she wants something when I pet her but she has food/water and clean litter I don’t know what she wants please help"

    Cat - TIDY ČATS glade
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    "he likes drains and wet bathtubs…he also has a very long tail"

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    "Does anyone else's cat stand guard while you poop? I have no idea why he does this."

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    "Why does he sit like this?"

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    "I don't know what he wants to say by that"

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    "I went to Paris yesterday. I took 26 photographs and 19 of them were of this cat."

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    "Someone told me that my cat is not cute but I think he is the cutest"

  • 18

    "Biscuit had surgery 2 weeks ago and his results came back and he’s cancer free"

    Cat - Bups

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