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Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

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    Food - Nobody: Math books: @cabbagecatmemes 80

    Wow, this is so true! Who else remembers reading math problems like this in their textbook when they were a kid? If Billy has 300 watermelons, and 5 cats to split all of the watermelons between, then why the heck are we doing this math problem to begin with? Seriously, this kind of mathematics make no sense to us, what the heck?

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    Cat - Thanks to all the truckers delivering our Christmas gifts this year @cabbagecatmemes

    Aww, this is quite the wholesome cat meme! But honestly, this holiday season we owe so much to all of the workers who deliver our mail, our shopping, and everything else. So kudos to all of the essential workers who work so hard to help make life, and the holidays, keep happening year after year!

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    Nature - STEERIN' ME BEARS @hayBEARS "my son is small and confusing, but | celebrate our differences"
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    Font - Pet Policy Cats Allowed Cat Cat $35 Monthly Pet Rent $250 Deposit 200 lb Weight Limit 2 Pet Limit
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    Smile - When your child develops your sick sense of humor, so now there's two people laughing inappropriately
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    Cat - woke drug guy @wokedrugguy Replying to @AGhostlerer Dog people are like this dog costs $3000 and is hypoallergenic. Cat people are like I found this cat in an engine
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    Dog breed - Cat for sale. Still in it's original packaging. Mint condition.
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    Dog - I've never seen my husky as happy as when he gets to say hi to our kitty
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    Felidae - When you tell someone it can't be that bad and promise you won't laugh. * You still laughing 2 hours later* @believement 100
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    Cat - Netflix: Are you still watching? You've been at it for six hours. You do this a lot. When is the last time you saw your friends? @chaos.reigns Me: hire [Continue Watching]
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    Brown - Guys with haircuts like this have a 100% chance of stealing your girl:
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    Cat - Good boi gone bad

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