I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rufftastic Dog Meme Dump For A Better Day

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    Dog - When someone has explained something to u 7 times and u still don't get it and u hope they forgive how stupid u are

    Cute, aww, wholesome, heartwarming, this sweet corgi may seem simple, but we're sure that he can be smart when it comes to certain topics. Remember, no one is truly dumb, we all just have different strengths and abilities. But shout out to those friends who always have our backs when we need a little help.

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    Dog - When she post you on her snap and you gotta make that face letting guys know you the one wrecking her walls now

    Hahaha, this is so true! This dog is perfectly imitating the faces that these guys make during cuffing season when their girl asks them to pose with them. Be right back, we got to forward this meme to a few hundred people who it's basically calling out. Also, this dog deserves an Oscar for his stellar acting performance.

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    Dog - when the waiter asks if they can take ur plate and u still got fries on there eworldpolice
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    Face - me when i realize i overreacted and was being a drama queen but it's already too late so i gotta keep my ground
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    Vertebrate - When you pet a dog and the owner says, "wow he never lets strangers do that."
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    Human body - Sophie Mackintosh @fairfairisles Yesterday in the park I saw a toddler screaming "BAD DOG" at a goose & I can't stop thinking about it
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    Dog - Human: Stop drinking that! We have water at The water at home. home!
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    Clothing - When Your Dog Assumes They are The Object of the Photographer's Attention, Whatever the Event
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    Dog - I calculated the risks but man am I terrible at math made with mematic
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    Cat - When your man falls asleep peacefully, even though you were arguing all day with him and you're still awake and mad wondering if you should suffocate him with a pillow or not.
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    Dog - He's 19 years old but still loves walks so he gets his own wagon.

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