I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "We got a little kitty and she bonded with me fast. Little bastard is f*ckin adorable."

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    "I addopted this little guy couple of days ago..."


    "I addopted this little guy couple of days ago. He was super angry and hissing. Now he's sleeping on me and meowing for cuddles. There's an issue tho. I got like 10 guitars, tons of vinyl and a lot of amps that I'd like to keep him off. How do I make him understand that he should not climb them?"

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    "Adopted this 6 year old cat from the shelter. She loves her forever home"

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    "I adopted my little angel..."


    "I adopted my little angel last month, he was abandoned by his previous owners. He is by my side 24/7 and gets very anxious when I do leave (which is rare). Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable when I'm not home? I worry he thinks I'm not coming back :("

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    "We just adopted a Sato. Any ideas on what breed he might be?"

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    "Meet my sister’s new dog. Haggis."

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    "This is Ashy. I got her 3hrs ago.I feel she’s found her home."

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    "Rescued this cutie..."


    "Rescued this cutie from the Costco parking lot last Saturday and have decided to keep her. I've just been calling her Kitten but I need a name! I'm hoping the good people of Reddit can help"

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    "Charles thinks we got the new puppy just for him, instant best friends"

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    "Our 1st pet, adopted today. Reddit, meet Fred Lobster."

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    "We recently adopted this femal dog and just can't find a name that we feel suits her well. Anyone have any ideas for a good name for her?"

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    "For the first time in my adult life, all conditions are met to adopt a dog. Here's, Shelby, my 3 months old Golden Mountain Dog. Couldn't be happier."

  • 13

    "My first ever dog. Meet Bilbo Waggins"

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  • 14

    "I’ve had Simon for 8 hours now and my quality of life has increased significantly."

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    "Rescued this guy a month ago today and I love him so much already. My first dog that’s entirely mine."

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    "Hi I adopted this 2 years old cat 5 days ago and today he licked my chin once in the morning and at night he licked my forehead twice what does that mean?"

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    "Adopting this little guy, what should we name him??"

  • 18

    "Adopted this girl last night and I'm already in love"

  • 19

    "Just adopted a 13 y/o, would like some advice on how to improve her quality of life!"

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  • 20

    "Meows coming from under an employee’s car hood. Now we have a new staff member."

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