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People Who Had To Abandon A Pet Explain The Circumstances

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    Font - O Ideleted] Yes, but not by my choice. We were moving out of state. The day we were to leave my cat broke out of his carrier and accidentally got out of the house and ran off. We missed our flight to stay and look for him but we couldn't.

    Aww, the original poster of this was just a kid, how sad! They shouldn't feel bad, because a little kid can't control the decisions that their parents make. But lets keep reading and see if anything happened to explain the parent's decision. A runaway cat? That's pretty stressful right before moving out of state, seems understandable if they missed their flight to look for him and still couldn't find him.

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    Font - Eventually my mom said there was nothing else we could do and forced me into the car. Some other people moved into our house the same day so we gave them some money to buy him some food and litter in case he came back. The wife said she loved kitties and they would keep him if he came back.

    What a terribly sad story! We're hoping that the people who moved into the house afterwards found the cat and took good care of it, it sounds like the new occupants of the house really liked cats and would take care of the cat if it came back, which is a lovely thing to hear. Fingers crossed that there was a happy ending for this poor cat!

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    Font - I sobbed the entire flight. I'm tearing up right now. I still miss him so bad and that was five years ago. I saved him from being drowned by a neighbor when he was a baby and loved him like many love their children. I was never able to reach the new residents to see if he came back. It still eats at me.
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    Font - hiwhoami After 5 years of being terrorized by our cat, Oreo, my mom finally had enough one day and took him to our cousins who own a dairy farm. He lived another 9 years very happily eating mice and small birds. He was just not cut out to be a family cat but he made a great barn cat. My cousins still occasionally ask us if we have any more killer cats we want to give them.
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    Font - SpyPlane I got a dog from a bunch of frat boys. It was a large, mixed breed. They let him run in the streets (it was a busy urban neighborhood). I caught him and returned him, thinking he had gotten loose on his own. The second time I saw him playing in traffic I didn't return him - I gave him to a friend who worked at a shelter, she found him a good home.
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    Font - Later I saw the frat boys at school and asked them what happened to their dog. Apparently it had belonged to a frat brother who had left school and just left it there. One of them said he hated that dog and just let it go. They laughed about it. Then they asked me to come to their frat party.
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    Font - TheSurlyEmpress In middle school I had a boyfriend whose family owned a farm (grew up in a midwest cornfield town). There was a malnourished kitten that was likely to die in the next few weeks either by starvation or some interloper. Anyhow, I convinced my family to take him in. Named him Riker (yes, from Star Trek TNG) and loved him well.
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    Font - Fast forward to college, family's broken beyond repair and my mother was losing the house to foreclosure while deep in depression. She needed to get rid of the cat so she gave him to a farmer. Now, mind you, this cat had been malnourished as a kitten so he never had all his marbles, defenses were limited.
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    Font - I was depressed at the time too, family had gone in every other direction (Dad with GF in Cali, sister hadn't spoken to me in almost a year, mother was catatonic). I felt incredibly alone and without resources due to ridiculously large student loans. I convinced myself that a farm would make Riker happy. He'd have room to run around (he was always out in the woods behind our house anyway).
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    Font - A few weeks later he went missing from the farm. I'm convinced he went looking for home. If he ever made it there, we were long gone. He'd never survive without a family. I am so sorry, Riker. I love you.
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    Font - Felonia My dog's previous owners abandoned her. We found her on our front porch napping, no collar. When asked by authorities, she said she "gave her away" to someone, but didn't remember who. While i do frown upon it, the past owner did so because my dog couldn't go back to the SPCA after attacking another dog (lest she be put down) - and she didn't want to keep her because she didn't trust her not to do it again. Anyway, at least it ended welI. It could have gone very badly.
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    Font - dustbunnee Long story short. When my husband and I were young and started living together we had the bright idea of adopting a 50 lb dog that had been previously abandoned. We worked full time and lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I had never owned any dog bigger than 5 Ibs so I was clueless about shedding, and exercising/training this dog. She began suffering from anxiety since she was alone all day and started pooping in the apartment and destroying things. I got tired of it all. M
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    Font - an hour away. We could've called back to find out if she got adopted but we never did. I think of her often and regret not giving her a better life. I can't imagine the pain she felt when yet another set of stupid humans abandoned her. It makes my heart hurt. We have dogs, we now know how to care for them and they are loved.

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