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Delightful Dogs Showing Some Hannukah Spirit

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    Hair - liv @oyveytotebag ... bella the dog is ready for hanukkah HAPPY Challah DAYS

    Aww, this is paw-ty heckin' cute! If you don't know, Challah is a type of Jewish braided bread, so by adding it to 'Happy Holidays' there's quite a cute pun going on. What a cute little doggo dressed in his holiday best. We hope he stays warm and toasty this winter!

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    Dog - Scotty & Simone @scottyandsimone ... Hannukah Edition: Right or Left?

    Whether you prefer the pupper on the left, or the pupper on the right, either one is super paw-fect. Just look at this adorable pupper humoring his hooman and taking all of these photos so that his hooman can show him off to the whole wide world. What a good boy!

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    Dog - Ellen Samuels, now BOOSTED @ehlastigirl Krypto wishes everyone a Happy Hanukkah except her mom and dad who made her wear the menorah costume again.#dogs #HappyHanukkah @dog_rates
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    Dog - Lena (Kalinda) the Dachshund @kalindadoxie ... Chag Sameach, everyone!! #HappyChanukah #Chanukah #dogs #dogsoftwitter #dachshund
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    Rectangle - Eugene Vinitsky @EugeneVinitsky Happy Hannukah to everyone with a dog menorah, nothing to everyone else
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    Dog - Noah Oskow E/T. na @NoahOskow ... My mom has a talent for setting up holiday pics of the dogs. Here are Simi and Woola, getting ready to celebrate night three of Chanukah!
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    Candle - Adam Roberts @arrroberts ... 3rd day of Hanukkah. Dog isn't sure she understood all the Hebrew of the blessing.
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    Dog - Nicole P @elociNAP how my dog sleeps after eating half a box of Hanukkah candles
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    Dog - Mir ... @milanad I honestly can't get enough of this photo of our dog, Frank, watching the candles on “his" menorah. #HappyHanukkah BIRDS
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    Menorah - Barry Torch @barrytorch14 ... Hanukkah night number 2! With bonus reflection of dog trying to figure out what I'm doing!
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    Dog - Jon Draper @iamjondraper · Nov 29 Me and the dogs would like to wish all who are celebrating, very happy first night of Hanukkah! ...
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    Dog - BlueJaysMamma @LaurieWulfand Just a couple of dogs in Chanukah sweaters.
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    Photograph - ... Adam P. Newman Celebrating #Hannukah at my sisters house and her dog has Hanukkah pajamas! @AdamPNewman89 502

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