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Tumblr Thread: The Saga Of The Snake Who's Afraid Of Staplers

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    Font - kaijutegu Follow The ongoing saga of Harker and the stapler My ball python, Harker, is really scared of this one stapler.

    For the most part, we have a tendency to scroll past snake posts like this. It's instinct, we can't help it. But Harker caught our eye right away. We had to pause. Even in this first picture, without reading the caption, we thought: "oh, this snake… is kinda cute." That face - it won us over instantly.

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    Wood - Every time he sees it, he balls up.

    And then, we started reading the actual thread and found ourselves awwing and smiling. We could see why some people would think snakes looked cute, but we never really understood why someone would want one as a pet. Until now. We didn't know snakes could have habits as cute as this one, or… any habits at all really. We might consider getting one now. Because of Harker. 

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    Wood - I was grading today and sure enough, the stapler was still scary.
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    Hood - However, for the first time, I introduced a second stapler! He was nervous at first...
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    Wood - But it didn't take him long to warm up to it.
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    Wood - Pretty soon it became his best friend!
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    Automotive lighting - There was nothing the new stapler couldn't do!
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    Table - Including protecting him from the other stapler. The moral of the story? My snake is a weirdo.
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    Output device - kaijutegu Follow Update: Today I took Harker to my office, where he met another stapler.
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    Eyewear - He was fairly apathetic at first, but eventually they got on pretty well! Paper
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    Body jewelry - This stapler was smaller than either of the others, but one thing was sure: this stapler was definitely not scary!
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    Font - Am I any closer to understanding my snake's strange relationship with staplers? Absolutely not.
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    Jaw - kaijutegu Follow UPDATE: it's 2016 and I'm pleased to announce that he's FINALLY gotten over his fear of the stapler! He likes it now!
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    Font - falloutphanboyz Tell him l'm proud of him thatawkwardtinyperson This post is so pure! sabotabby Follow This is the best story. 216,174 notes

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