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18 Hooligan Cats Jumping On Christmas Trees

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    Christmas tree - Nurses Against Dick Pics. @ClaudetteGGibs1 When the Cat King saw the breadth of his kingdom,he said behold humans, bow down.

    You see that light, floofers? Everything that fridge light touches, that's yours! And everything the Christmas tree lights touch, that's also yours to ruin. Have at it! But seriously, we wish a merry Christmas to every cat and dog who insists on being treated like the queen or king of their household, you're all perfect. 

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    Plant - Josh Marshall @MarshallLaw1788 Replying to @MrGordian It's what they do

    Look at this smol boy. He's so content to just sit in his little Christmas tree, doesn't he realize that it's not allowed? Allow us to explain something. The smaller and cuter the cat, the more mischievous it instinctively is. The larger and chunkier the cat… the more mischievous it is. Cats are just jerks sometimes, no matter what size they are.

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    Christmas tree - Josh Marshall @MarshallLaw1788 Replying to @MarshallLaw1788 and @MrGordian Shortly after the other picture was taken
  • 4
    Christmas tree - Kacy Sager @THESagerbomb Replying to @MrGordian Travis is a menace.
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  • 5
    Christmas tree - Joan @Joan21788838 Replying to @ClaudetteGGibs1 10
  • 6
    Christmas tree - Big Bird Scares Ted Cruz aka (Mike Simons) @TheMikk17 Replying to @Joan21788838 and @ClaudetteGGibs1 Did you steal our cat???
  • 7
    Christmas tree - driftma05 @driftma05 Replying to @Joan21788838 @TheMikk17 and @ClaudetteGGibs1 It must be in the genes
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    Christmas tree - Margaret P Houston @HoustonMargaret Replying to @TheMikk17 @Joan21788838 and @ClaudetteGGibs1 Or mine?? रसर .
  • 9
    Christmas tree - Graydon Gordian @MrGordian This goddamn cat
  • 10
    Cat - Graydon Gordian @MrGordian Everything is fine
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    Cat - Tyler King @TylerAKing Replying to @MrGordian When you've spent all day achieving shenanigans.
  • 12
    Christmas tree - Cadence Kuklinski, DO @CadenceDO Replying to @MrGordian This one is just biding her time til l'm not looking
  • 13
    Property - jaimie ball @auntpajamy Replying to @MrGordian We have one of those too! Zinlo
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  • 14
    Plant - MJ @meli1456 Replying to @MrGordian We have a cat tree too!
  • 15
    Christmas tree - Elisabeth @e_haff Replying to @MrGordian Took this of my kitten last year. She's now 5lbs heavier and we have yet to put up our tree- l'm scared to
  • 16
    Christmas tree - HeadMau @Head_Mau Replying to @MrGordian Just, saying....
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  • 17
    Leaf - Cameron Large @LargeCameron Replying to @MrGordian
  • 18
    Organism - clairr o))) ... @scrubandscrub Replying to @MrGordian i feel you

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