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Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (December 5, 2021)

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    Organism - 12. KWCH 12 Eyewitness News 12 hrs O KWCH A man who "had a few too many" alcoholic beverages ordered an Uber for a baby goldfinch that he found struggling on the ground. The baby bird was the sole passenger on the ride to a wildlife rehab. https://bit.ly/ 2Xz2uY1 #kwch12 Uber i KWCH.COM Drunk man sends injured baby bird to wildlife rescue center in Uber

    Honestly, if this could be the thing that everyone did when they got drunk, the world would be a beautiful place. We can only imagine how wholesome and yet confusing this moment must have been to the driver, and we love it. We're glad that the driver took the little guy to where he needed to go. 

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    Vertebrate - baby elephant at the zoo got a box of hay for her 6 month birthday and she got so happy that she fell over a HAPPY MONTHS

    And this is why everyone should help animals. We don't love animals in zoos, ad we don't know the story behind this one, but the joy she's experiencing makes us hope and believe that the zoo she ended up in has good people in it who want to take care of her. More zoos like this please, and les of the bad ones where animals get mistreated. 

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    Bird - leftmyarminmycoat dictatorofbutts: I was at the zoo the other day and there was this fucking goose trying to act likE A FUCKING FLAMINGO this made my day its so adorable
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    Cat - oiruman: i am kind of sad ok this cat's name is Princess Monster Truck thank you
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    Bird - Stu Royall @stu_bot3000 Replying to @stu_bot3000 Are ornithologists ok? aKive More images Fluffy-backed tit-babbler 11:20 AM Feb 3, 2021
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    Cat - This is his "are you eating??" stance
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    Bird - when i try to hide my social anxiety in public Look how calm she is as well!
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    Rectangle - CHONK Chart 16-26% Body Fat A Fine Boi 26-35% Body Fat He Chomnk 36-45% Body Fat A Heckin' Chonker 46-55% Body Fat HEFTYCHONK 56-65% Body Fat MEGACHONKER 65% Body Fat OH LAWD HE COMIN
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    Facial expression - John @jjmontaldo My dogs favorite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him
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    Plant - My work here is done.
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    Product - WHAT IF WE KISSED wholesomee.shitt UNDER THE MISSILE TOAD
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    Plant - Lisa Dib @LisaDib1 baby pangolins always look like they're waiting to nervously ask you to prom
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    Dog - @awwcuteness Meet Mash Potato...
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    Smile - Borkoli @hilarious.ted
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    Water - am duck please throw bread quack
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    Plant - pangur-and-grim y'all ever just in the mood to mutilate a .jpeg kaible I got one of the best pictures I ever made out of that urge static-testament HONSE
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    Cat - Go ahead - try to lift me higher I am infinite. I am eternal. The Daily Kitty
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    Dog - When I told someone too much about myself and I feel the cringe all day long Ahhh delete this from my brain
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    Light - Weird chicken Eggo Old man Cottön ball Moving cloud Fluffy longlegs Soft supreme Grúmp boy Awkward Edgy teen Clumsy.intern Maiestic
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    True frog - I started crying in class because I tried to draw a chameleon from memory
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    Felidae - What my phone charger sees when it's too far from my bed: @insta_raccoon gram
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    Photograph - This rescue puma that can't be released back into the wild is really living his best life as a house cat Benrep 3amand LAM PUMA
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    Product - Yeah I open carry
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    Human body - Yoga girls entire insta feed be like

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