I Can Has Cheezburger?

Another Small Scrumpdillyicious Dump Of Animal Memes

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    Dog - The difference between cats and dogs captured in one image

    Yeah, this is why we love cats so much. Don't get us wrong, this doggo is one cute doggo, and we looove seeing it this happy. But, my goodness, most days, we are the cat - annoyed by the outside, annoyed by being made to do things, and annoyed by everyone's overenthusiasm. Whoops. 

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    Cat - Hooman i requires your helps, dis tiny dinosaur bited me

    We do appreciate how calm this cat looks, to be honest. Had this happened to us, we would have already been screaming and losing our minds. This cat's just like- this is a mild inconvenience, and I would like for my human to take this off me, but mostly, fascination has made me accept this moment and my fate along with it.

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    Dog - Wet white dog. Freshly mowed lawn. What could possibly go wrong?
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    Dog - Never leave your pitbull alone with your children! t Bu Bu
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    Vertebrate - Henlo mr forest boy What's up house wolf Free boops today My lucky day frendo @doggosdoingthings Being alive is heckn swell
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    Cat - Big Cat: Everything the light touches belongs to us. Kitten: What about the shadowy stuff? Big Cat: That also belongs to us. Everything belongs to us. Source pixiebutterandjelly, tumblr
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    Nose - She has no idea what just slapped her in the face
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    Plumbing fixture - J.D. @mattafaak Just cats that don't want to see the vet Sasthe
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    Product - At first they thought that something terrible had happened, and then they realized that he ate strawberry jam and took a nap. P.ADA ATHE
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    Shoe - Be aware of this cute baby duck scam going around
  • 12
    Rectangle - no talk me im angy
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    Cat - When you've got a deep rage burning inside you but you've got to act nice because you're at work...
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    Bird - I knew crows were smart but this one is actually dipping his nuggets.
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    Photograph - I am jar. Cookie in me plz
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    Water - rua doggo? am froggo Wow doin me a educate
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    Vertebrate - happy squeek u are taking my rations "om nom excuse me you filth garbage rat "panic Susan SUUSAAAN what on earth is this
  • 18
    Hedgehog - Is u pokèmon? am an ouch mouse. T doin me a fascinate

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