I Can Has Cheezburger?

Neglected Dog Gets Rescued, Starts Rescuing Other Animals And People

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    "This is Neo"


    "He is 50% GSD, 29% golden retriever, 10% border collie and the rest is supermutt. He is 10 years old."

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    "This is him at 10 months old, the day I got him. He was severely neglected and flinched a lot"

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    "A few months after I got him"

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    "He is the best dog ever. I fostered orphan kittens under 6 weeks old. He took it upon himself to provide body heat as kittens that are 2 weeks old can't regulate their own temperature. (This is our cat Sooty) He would choose to sleep on the floor with the kittens and provide the heat and when the kittens needed bottle feeding he would wake me up throughout the night so I could do this."

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    "He would also try to bring comfort to lost animals. This horse was found wandering around in summer with no water. He would help coax the horse into following me so I could lead the horse to a nice safe patch of grass and stay with the horse while I fetched a bucket of water."

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    Dog - sud paddeupry ngtby Boko mm

    "A few years back on a walk, he alerted me to this juvie jackdaw (corvid species) that was wandering a quiet footpath on a summer's day. The bird began following him and pulling on his tail. I shared my water with the bird and tried to get it to fly but it seemed to have an injury to the wing. I took the bird to an avian vet who confirmed the bird had been attacked by something and that it wouldn't fly until healed. So we took it in as the bird was found near my home and nursed it back to health. Neo liked having the bird around. After a week or two the bird was able to fly and we released it. The bird would recognise my dog and myself and swoop down to land on us, caw in our face and join us on walks until the day we moved. I took the bird in as I knew it's flock wouldn't be too far from the house and on the day of release they welcomed it back."

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    Dog - LQ

    "This hedgehog was out during the day and in winter, Neo found it and brought me to it. It was young and confused so after a vet check and a couple of calls we kept it with us in the winter, fed it and made sure it was healthy enough to release in spring. We tagged it too so we could track it and I am happy to report it reached adulthood and had young of it's own."

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    "This is one of the kittens and my cockatiel who kept letting itself out of his cage. No animals were unsupervised during this. The cockatiel had a padlock on the door in the end."

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    Dog - 2012/12/27

    "His first snow. Not impressed"

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    "My health took a turn for the worst, I began having seizures. This boy constantly alerted me before they would happen. He became my service/ assistance dog and I relied on him to alert me before anything would happen. He did amazingly in public access which is why he became a service dog."

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    "My neighbour went missing a good few years back and her family came to me and Neo for help. The police didn't take it seriously but it was out of character for this lady. Neo had been known to find missing pets already by tracking them down and had a success rate of 90%. We found our neighbour's body sadly. It was suicide, she had her sons ashes with her."

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    "He is 9 here and still very active"

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    Eye - wilko
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    "Despite his serious workaholic nature he is still a goof at home"

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    Dog - CA

    "Taken a few months ago"

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    Dog - Iricks FOR Treats

    "For halloween he was a leopard (Opawz dog dye 100% safe and fun)"

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    "He likes snow now"

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    "In january he got a baby brother, a Belgian malinois. This is Zeke (11 months old here)"

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    "I was worried a puppy would be too much for him. Thankfully this isn't the case and they are so close"

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    "I just wanted to share him and his story to you guys. 

    He is an amazing dog. He has also tries to share his food with other animals often. When a man tried mugging me at night, this gentle softy sprung into action and kept the man back and when the man thought my dog was a "soft touch" and proceeded to pull a knife out, my Neo took him down and held him in place long enough for police to come. 

    He is an exceptional dog. What's more surprising is the breeds he is are prone to health problems. I had him embarked and he has no hereditary diseases to ail him (he is a carrier of DM) and his hips and elbows are great! He now has annual bloods done because I am paranoid about hidden health issues cropping up. He is now retired and living his best life with me. I appreciate this boy so much and love him with all my heart. I hope you guys like him."

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    "Close up of his eye because it looks magical"

    It is and so is he. 

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