I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#164)

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    "Nothing cooler than rescued baby bats necklace lol."

    Lip - 7 he Greatest Adventures are Shared with Best Frerds

    You are right, and we are shook. This is indeed the coolest thing we have ever seen. We are jealous, and we demand to know where you found such a priceless artifact. If having one too requires going to the corner of the earth and rescuing some bats… get the planes ready, we're coming to the recue.

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    "This is Jax, 13 years old and can’t walk very far, se we got him a sled for our winter walks!"


    Ugh, we love seeing posts like these. Just because your pet has gotten older does not mean that it requires less work and less love. Often, with time, they need more of both, and seeing people go out of their way like this to make their senior pets happy warms our hearts like nothing else. 

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    "Nutmeg, the world's oldest cat, celebrating his 31st birthday. (141 in human years)"

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    "Problem solved"

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    "In 2017, 576 Border Collies Showed Up at a Park in Australia to Break a World Record."

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    "Been in my bed sick all day. Finally opened the door and Arthur the cat had brought me a Christmas ornament from the tree as a gift."

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    "a very emotional meeting with a pet after six months of separation"

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    "Didn’t notice what the box said til I saw him in it"

    Shipping box - If you think you're excited, wait 'til your at sees this box delivery 44convenient streaming and tv shows ime
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    "Happy 15th birthday little girl!"

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    "On a public bus in Cairo"

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    "hey <3"

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    "Before and after"

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    "This owl family"

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    "My owl friend who lives in the tree in my front yard"

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    "Just caught this guy while running from a cat. He was super friendly and didn't even try to run from me. He eve. Let me pick him up. Is he domestic or a stray? I have no idea and don't know what to do."

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    "My little travel companion"

    Land vehicle
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    "mom is aways mom"

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    "I know pitbulls get a bad rap, but Chance is a good boy."


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