People Try To Explain Why They Are So Attracted To Pete Davidson

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    "He seems very genuine and he's confident in his vulnerability. I get the feeling he is very focused and attentive with his partners."

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    "He’s like a dirty string bean with the mouth of a truck driver and a fucked-up sense of humor. Can’t tell ya why, but my ovaries are really into it. He’s cracked the code."

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    "He has a good relationship with his mother."

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    "He’s like your weed dealer whom you feel safe around for some reason and when he starts cracking jokes, you realize you’d hook up with him."

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    "He has a cute smile and facial expressions. The way he holds himself is confident but not cocky like some other male celebrities. He’s laid-back but not pathetic laid-back. It’s his energy more than his actual appearance."

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    Ariana did say he had bid dick energy

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    "He's very open and candid about his struggles with mental health and people who are that genuine and honest — while also kind — are often considered to have attractive personalities."

  • 7

    "I have a thing for dark circles."

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    "He's not a supermodel or anything, but I don't find him bad-looking at all. He has nice lips and a good smile. I like his tattoos. He reminds me of the funny misfit dudes I was into in high school."

  • 9

    "He's self-aware and doesn’t mind self-deprecating humor. He is also a softy."

  • 10

    "He's full of skinny boy BDE. Like, he knows he doesn't have to prove he's a man. We already know."

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    "I’m bisexual. I like 1) all women and 2) men who look like wet cigarettes."

  • 12

    "He’s successful, funny, and confident. People underestimate how these three things make someone stand out from the crowd a LOT.

  • 13

    "He gives the impression that if you met him, he would try to make it a positive interaction and fun. But if you didn’t like him, he would not care. It’s the combo of caring about others, while still having the confidence not to pander."

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    "He seems like the kind of guy who isn't afraid to hold a woman's purse."

    Green - INOOPY sNoOP BA
  • 15

    "He's basically a golden retriever of men."


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