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Girl Puts Spider Posters Up To Keep Arachnophobic Cousins Out of Her Room: Reddit Overwhelmingly Supports Her

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    Font - 4 Posted by u/PeacefulAdage 3 days ago & S 10 e11 S 8 8295 AITA for putting up pictures of spiders in my room to keep my arachnophobic cousins out?

    Long story short, no! A girl needs her space, and it's really inconsiderate of your cousins to insist on doing something that bothers you, try to be forgiving though. They are just kids after all. But yeah, definitely not the a. 

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    Font - My (17f) twin cousins (8m) have been staying with us for the last week while their parents are getting their house renovated. They're insanely mischievous. They keep running into my room, upending everything, throwing all my stuff everywhere, trying different passwords to unlock my desktop. If I latch the door, they'll bang at it until I let them in. Every time I or their parents yell at them, they get more amused. I discovered they're both arachnophobic. So I printed out massive spider p

    We always appreciate an evil genius, especially if there are somehow animals involved in the plan. This was a brilliant move, OP! And you are totally in the right to keep those posters up in your room, your cousins don't have any business there. 

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    Font - Klutzy_Discussion129 · 2 days ago Partassipant [1] NTA this is hilarious. Karmic spiders. I'm dead 11.2k Reply Share •..
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    Font - PrideofCapetown · 2 days ago Partassipant [1] I'd go a step further and tell them not to upend or move stuff because you've got spider nests everywhere 3.0k Reply Share ...
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    Font - RusticTroglodyte · 2 days ago Partassipant [2] There are really cool remote control tarantulas. My cat has one and loves to chase and "kill" it over and over, the little scamp
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    Font - ninjataco35 · 2 days ago Partassipant [3] I think OP should also invest in fake plastic spiders that can be found in strategic positions around his room. 4 2.7k 3 Reply Share •..
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    Font - Ariadne_Kenmore · 2 days ago Shoot, you can go to the Dollar Tree and get fake snakes and spiders. Booby trap like a pro for less than $10 443 Reply Share •..
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    Font - Shexleesh · 2 days ago The fake spider webs too, I'm a big Halloween/spider fan so I love that OP has spider pics up 208 Reply Share •..
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    Font - evilsir · 2 days ago NTA and this is a glorious resolution. 2.8k Reply Share •••
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    Font - Withamoomoohere · 2 days ago Partassipant [1] As an arachnophobic, this is honestly genius. Kinda evil for sure BUT considering it's your room, I tip my hat to you. Also, idk about your cousins but for me the "sharper- looking" the spider, the creeper it is. 929 Reply Share •..
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    Font - Fullondoublerainbow · 2 days ago It's the hairer the scarier for me. Also the all the extra, soulless eyes all over their faces. 25/10 would keep me out of OP's room. Well played OP, well played.
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    Mammal - TheKingsdread · 2 days ago I would invest into digital picture frames and have it be spider videos and gifs. Bonus: They can be changed to display other things once the cousins are gone again.

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