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Curious One-Eared Cat Sees a Balloon for the First Time and Is Adorably Suspicious Of It


Cats have always been curious little cuties. It's not like the saying “curiosity k*lled the cat” came out of nowhere. Felines will always be the ones in. the horror movies that go by themselves to check on the strange noise heard in the distance. It's just in their nature. That's why when this one-ear kitty saw a balloon for the first time and still kept approaching it even though it was very confused, it's so friggin' adorable. 



Uno the kitty is already adorable by just being himself. He has one ear, a tiny overbite that shows of his adorable little vampire fangs, and eyes as big as a full moon. When his mom put up a helium balloon floating next to him, he was worried, to say the least. 


He would slowly prowl towards the balloon like the cutest little black panther in the night approaching its prey. He got close enough a few times to boop his adorable little nose on the evil floating object, but mostly just walked around it staring at it suspiciously. 



He seems to have somewhat accepted the strange UFO in his home, but he's still keeping his distance. For now. 


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