Guy Has An Affair and Then Expects Ex-Wife to Take Care of New Wife's Kids


“AITA for saying no to picking up my sons half sister from school?” Posted by u/Scary-Rub8906

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“I wouldn't be surprised if, should the new wife lose to the cancer, the ex were to try to get back together with OP. To try to win her over and get her to marry him again. Not just taking on mothering roles for him, but full on becoming his wife again.” said u/hard_tyrant_dinosaur.

“The type of asshole who assumes that once the affair partner (current wife) passes or is placed in some form of care, expects his ex to take him back and go back to playing happy family. He's basically trying get OP lined up as the new mommy to his kids with his affair partner once the AP is no longer in the picture.” said u/PaganCHICK720.

“This. OP needs to inform the school in writing that she should be wholly removed as the emergency contact for ex-husband's kids (aside from OP's own children, obviously). Further, if I were OP, I'd tell ex the next time I'm contacted by the school or otherwise for any of his children because he & wife are too busy to tend to them, I'm going straight to the police/CPS & they can deal w/it. NTA whatsoever OP.” said u/SunnyBunnyHopHop.

“Oh yes. Just wait until he wants you to take ALL the kids during your custody time. Draw a firm line in the sand now.” said u/KezarLake.

“She has friends but they have no family between them since ex was disowned.” OP replied. 

“Oh no! His actions had consequences? Who'd have thunk? Poor him! /s” said u/Franchuta.

“Hey now, don’t be too harsh… Who would have thought that cheating on your spouse would lead to said spouse wanting nothing to do with you? Also /s He’s a fucking prick, OP NTA” said u/CarmenCage.

“The backup wife- You hit the nail on the head there” said u/Crazy_Run656.


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