20 of the Stupidest Patients Doctors Have Ever Had to Deal With

  • 1
    Stethoscope - Once patfent asked me bocheck her pulse to seef it's beating
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    Text - Not realy an explanation stury but,lance hadto Cellone cfmy pallenbs that usinghis catheterbagas a watergun on unsuspecting nurses wasnt acceptableguess whowas nextinline that day
  • 3
    Photo caption - No, you didne catch herpes again. You getit once and it stays with you for life
  • 4
    Facial expression - You don't have to be over 18 to become pregnart they thought you could only biologically conceive a babyif you were 18-J
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  • 5
    Text - Your gingivais bleeding beeause you don't Floss-Flossing only causes your gums to bleed because theyre inflamed. Nb one listens
  • 6
    Font - Person came in after seeing oncolagist, and being dked with pancreatic and iver cancer. She said 1guess im ok since ehey said im not a candidate Far chemo,radiation or Surgery I
  • 7
    Text - A patient constantly screamed 1cant breathe! Icame in and said when you Scream like that, it means you CAN breathe Without missing a beat, she Peebly whispered Lcant... breathe |Scr
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  • 8
    Text - Why the sun doesnt turnoff like a light switch when its night time OmfgInearly slapped the tiot after explaining the 3rd time
  • 9
    Text - Whythe black marks on my arm wont come off.theyre tattoos.
  • 10
    Text - Cousin is an EMT,had to explain to a guy that No you cant smoke weed and masturbate while in the back of the ambulance and using your broken arm to masterbate with does not help the situation II
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  • 11
    Text - No the hospital cant serve you alcohol. No your family cant bring you alcohal
  • 12
    Text - There have been insbances where women dont,evenknow their own anatomy and werent aware they don't pee out of their vagina
  • 13
    Text - That there are different types of antibioties to treat different types of infections They dont just get stronger
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  • 14
    Skin - Exilatring to pablenibs why we cantfust glue their crown back on after the whole tooth has broken off at their gumsismy favorite
  • 15
    Text - Imadietician.Ihad a clent tel me she had a salad with her meals, but kept gaining weight After some questions,Ifound out she never ate the salad, she just had it next bo her fattening Food
  • 16
    Cartoon - WhenThad to tell someone why trying Bouse a hot heedle and ce cube to peirce something was a horrible idea.
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  • 17
    People in nature - maphlebotomist and hadto explain to someone whythey cant bend their arm witha 17 uageneedle in it
  • 18
    Lip - Afriend had to tell a patient not to smoke weed through is trach
  • 19
    Product - 20% MORE- BONUS! 2 Tohnson A Family Company Jahnson A Family Company Jahnson A family Company aid Raid gaid Had to explain Raid bugspray dbes not getrid of pubic Grabskidyounot douse &Garden Fl Cas Insectos y el Jar Matectos Voladores KII uitpes Won't Harm Plants e an ingering Checl o ngehica 0 Outd Scent Indonr-Qutdeet Indoor-Outdoo oor Outdoot EEP OUT oF BEACY CAUTION MANTENER R REEP OUT OFA CAUTION MANTENER ALCANCEE CAUTION Acc PRECAL w 2 0)30g PRECAUCIde 2302313 ACANCE DE PRECAUCIO
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  • 20
    Panda - Please donBeatyour poop.Es mob good for you


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