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Animal Facts Friday: Top 12 Fascinating Facts About The Animal Kingdom (April 15, 2022)

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    The Lynx may just be one of the most beautiful feline species in the world (don't tell our cats please). But we mean, look at them, how can you not be obsessed? That fur and those paws. We can't handle it. 

    We saw someone ask if it's acceptable to keep Lynx as pets… Uhm, well, probably not. Lynx are individualistic animals, they prefer to be alone. This might make it difficult to build the same connection you'd have with a cat. 

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    Wow, would you look at that, another beautiful feline? Alright, so we gave the Lynx 'the most beautiful feline' title and we'll give Mr. Kodkod 'the cutest feline' title. Again, please don't tell our cats. We know that this is a wild animal, but all we want to do is run up to it, squish it, and pet, pet, pet! 

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