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Entitled Boyfriend Has Toilet Envy For Girlfriend's Cat

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    Cat Trainer Extraordinaire

    Font - Basically my cat is trained to use the toilet bowl, I have two bathrooms in my flat and the cat uses the guest one, it's always up and clean because the cat uses it and knows how to flush it (sometimes he forgets it), I clean it every day and my cat been doing it for the past 6 years. My boyfriend just moved in with me and he hates it, even if we have our own bathroom and barely uses the guest ones, he says it is disgusting and awful, last night we had a huge fight because the cat didn't

    So, a few extra notes here that made us suspicious of this boyfriend. He moved into OP's house, which many couples wind up doing, but then he started trying to fight with her to make the house less clean! He obviously doesn't understand litter boxes, or cats, or common decency, because why on earth would someone want a log of poop sitting out in the open in the bathroom all day, instead of floating in the toilet every once in a while? 

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    The Poor Baby

    Font - INFO/EDIT: Adopted senior cat, declawed with aversion of the box and burring his own waste. In the shelter in order to not use the box he would shit and pee on his own bed and sleep on it, thing that decreased his chances of getting adopted, indeed I adopted him because he was in the shelter for 4 years. Toilet training was the way (and only way) for him. Cat tax edit: Ben before going to work (Picture taken AT MY WORK, where I had to put his food in the bathro

    As this woman gives more info about her senior cat, we can't help but feel sorry for the poor little fella. He obviously had a very hard life until OP was willing to take him in, and now that he's developed some solid routines, this new jerk is butting in and trying to change them. Thankfully though, it sounds like OP has her cat's back.

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    Cat Tax!

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    Congratulations Indeed!

    Font - CalibanDrive · 2 yr. ago · edited 2 yr. ago Professor Emeritass [71] NTA: WOW! Congratulations on training your cat to use the toilet! That's fantastic! You should be proud of your cat and yourself. You're boyfriend is an idiot. He clearly has no concept of how awesome you and your cat are. Anyway, the cat clearly pre-dates* the boyfriend in this living situation, so the cat has seniority over him. He doesn't get to decide where the cat goes potty, the cat has already decided.
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    Soooo Much Easier

    Font - irissioux · 2 yr. ago NTA. You literally trained your cat to use the toilet, which is something that, as a longtime cat owner, I can only imagine has made your life so much easier. Litter boxes suck. 4.2k Give Award Share Report Save
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    Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

    Font - stink3rbelle · 2 yr. ago The Rear Admiral Not to mention the level of emotional manipulation involved in moving in with someone and then trying to change their pets. This is a red flag on his part, OP. 1.5k Give Award Share Report Save
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    Litter Boxes Are The Worst

    Font - DocJust · 2 yr. ago Asshole Enthusiast [9] NTA he clearly has never dealt with a litterbox if he thinks that a litterbox is more hygienic and/or less trouble than occasionally flushing cat p00 when the cat forgets. I'm super impressed that you trained your cat to do this!!! I WISH my cats would use the toilet instead of a litterbox ... 2.5k Give Award Share Report Save
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    We Wish Our Cats Would Too

    Font - anoptimisticemo · 2 yr. ago Partassipant [1] NTA - I WISH my cats would use the toilet. I feel like he has never lived with cats before and doesn't know the hassle of a cat box. Even the best kept ones smell at times and the cats will track litter. You've got a good thing going with your cat, don't box train them. 1.3k Give Award Share Report Save tvchmny OP · 2 yr. ago I have used a training set you can find on amazon, they're lots of rings you put the litter box things inside it and slo
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    Must. Have. Litter.

    Font - FlightyTwilighty · 2 yr. ago Asshole Enthusiast [8] I tried it with one cat and I think I moved too fast because when it came to the last stage (no litter), kitty opened the bathroom cabinet door where the litter was stored, clawed open the bag, threw the litter all over the floor and did her business in the pile. I guess she really wanted that litter. 245 5 Give Award Share Report Save tvchmny OP · 2 yr. ago Cats are so smart I can't even Imao she loves her litter. 155 Give Award Share R
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    This Guy Sounds Awful

    Font - Freshouttapatience · 2 yr. ago NTA I would rather share a toilet with your cat than whoever the man is that keeps peeing on the toilet seat at work. 913 Give Award Share Report Save tvchmny OP · 2 yr. ago · edited 2 yr. ago Tbh same, since my boyfriend moved he keeps forgetting to put the seat up and happened several times I sit in a wet seat and have to have a shower, never happened such a thing with my cat. I might ask my boyfriend to starting peeing sitting down, probs he's going to po

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