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Cat Cuddles Belly And Bonds With Baby Before He's Even Born

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    Font - Vega The way he's sprawled out
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    Font - Malley Last night I was having really bad calf cramps, and my cat suddenly jumped up on the bed and started kneading/massaging the exact spot it was cramping

    We've said it before and we'll say it again. We don't deserve cats. We hope every cat owner knows and acknowledges how lucky they are to have their little fur baby in their lives. They're incredibly intuitive and intelligent, they feel our energy like no other. Brb we're going to go cry to our cats now.

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    Human body - Ann Coster my cat bonded with my son before he was born. he would kick whenever she was purring on my lap

    Bonds between cats and babies are our favorite. It's so heartwarming to see our cats go from being spoiled children to protective older siblings. We imagine there nothing better to be than watching them grow up together. Cat and baby fever forever! 

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    Human body - Ella Cats can hear the heartbeat of a baby when it's inside you - they can also differentiate between two heart beats (so know if someone is having twins!)
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    Smile - Breanna Recently found out that cats can hear babies heart beat during the third trimester
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    Dress - Meg Preston • Creator He always puts his paw on my belly when I use my home Doppler! That's so cool!
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    Smile - Lenny He's like "are you okay"
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    Circle - Same cat
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    Font - kkaedb He wants to go over and comfort but is repelled by the sound lol
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    Dress - Sarah Emmi "You want a beer?” “HE'S FOUR" "I DON'T KNOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH HIM"

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