How to Dress Your Baby

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    Mold him in your own image.

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    Or, better yet, Mr. T's image.

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    It's always cute when a baby is dressed to look like something else. Like a turtle...

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    ...or a flower...

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    ...or a cheezburger...

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    ...or a chestburster.

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  • 7

    If you have a dog, the right outfit can help him grow accustomed to the new baby.

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  • 8

    He will accept your child as one of his own.

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  • 9

    Since your baby can't talk yet, his clothes will have to do the talking for him.

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  • 10

    The perceptive will spot the subtext. This says "my parents spend too much time looking at memes."

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    "The person who gave this to me can't spot grammatical errors."

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    Despite being pre-verbal, your baby will still find ways to express displeasure with your choices.

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    Your kids will never really appreciate your taste in clothing, so it may be best to just opt for something functional.

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