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Daft Husband Wants To Underfeed Chickens– Vet Wife And Reddit Take Him Out To The Shed

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    Has She Swallowed A Crazy Pill?

    Font - I legitimately feel like I've swallowed a crazy pill. I am a veterinarian. I haven't been practicing long, but my husband will tell anyone who listens that I'm the best vet in town. I do not specialize in poultry or food animal (I'm a pocket pet kinda girl) but I'm not far out of school so I remember much of what we covered about poultry. We recently purchased some chickens. 3 baby hens to be precise. They're adorable and I love them. We got them solely to produce eggs (and of course to b

    We're a little upset that OP didn't pay the pet tax here, but we guess it can be forgiven. Still, bringing three baby hens into a house is no small task, and OP and her husband maybe should've talked a little more about their expectations and budget for the chickens before pulling the trigger on the purchase. Still, at least someone in this house knows what they're doing. 

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    That's Not Exactly Free Range

    Font - He said they get the rest of their nutrients from "picking around". While I might agree for free range chickens, this will certainly not be the case for our chickens. We live on 1/4 acre total. Only half of it is backyard. Our yard also has a large deck which covers 1/3 the area and they can't get under it. We also agreed that we would only let the chicks out of the coop to roam the back when we are home to check on them, which means they'll only be out and picking from 5 pm to sunset eve

    Free Range is one of those industry terms that carries too much weight even though it doesn't mean much. A brutalist, abusive factory farm can claim their chickens are free range just from having a small window with outdoor access– the birds don't even need to be able to roam. So, we appreciate that OP is actually giving their birds some space to run around. But, it still won't be enough that they won't have picked it clean over within a few weeks. 

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    Excuse The Language

    Font - I'm fucking floored. I'm really amazed he thinks this is ok. I also think his grandma didn't feed their chickens just corn, but that corn featured heavily in their feed and he's misremembering because he was young. He wants to consult the greater mind of reddit, because I guess my expertise isn't enough. Chicken experts of reddit, please let me know if I'm the asshole.
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    Never "Just" Anything

    Font - James BuchananBarnes 12 hr. ago Asshole Aficionado [14] Yeah uhm NTA. my mom owns chickens and has for years, she grew up on a farm. I helped with them all the time, they were NEVER fed "just corn" or "just" anything. They absolutely had a variety diet and even got leftover produce etc most everyday that she brought home from her cafeteria job. It's beyond me why your husband thinks his vague childhood memories count for more than your literal (and much more recent) veterinarian degree. 2
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    We Want To Meet These Grandparents

    Font - o International-Bad-84 9 hr. ago My grandparents could have been the poster children for self sustaining backyard agriculture. Mostly because they married during the depression and had children during WW2. Nothing was wasted. Chicken poop was shoveled up and converted to fertiliser for the veggie garden. The veggie garden obviously produced veggies, and all scraps went right back to the chickens. The chickens were not free range but had a large run probably equivalent to your yard space.
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    Soft Eggshells Don't Made For Good Eggs

    Font - TynneDalit 12 hr. ago NTA. Chickens can't survive on only corn and 4 hours of foraging. I'm pretty sure corn won't have enough calcium for their eggshells. 491 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Organization Mobile38 OP 11 hr. ago I literally told him this. I said if he wanted soft awful shells and unhappy chickens we could feed them just corn cause there's no way there is enough calcium in corn to support egg production. I'm going to have a serious talk with him about trusting my
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    She's Literally A Veterinarian

    Font - WhiskyEye 12 hr. ago Good lord. Sir. Your confident opinion is NOT EQUAL to the knowledge of an educated VETERINARIAN and you should be ashamed of yourself. NTA and I'm sorry you have to defend yourself when clearly you're correct. I'm a long time chicken owner and a quick google would have had him seeing he is wrong. 274 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Memes Rmylovelanguage 10 hr. ago Partassipant [4] Yep. It'd be like someone trying to argue with a builder that couldn't they j
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    What Happened With The Cows?

    Font - snarkyshark83. 12 hr. ago Partassipant [3] ΝΤΑ My old neighbor was a lot like your husband, he bought a dozen chickens and left them to be free- range on a tiny plot of land and expected them to flourish because that's what chickens do right? He was so shocked that none of them were growing or laying eggs. My mom had to start feeding them secretly because she didn't want them to suffer because the old man was an idiot. Then the fool believed that his non-feeding plan was a success because
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    Just Buy It And Be Done

    Font - dog_star_ 12 hr. ago Certified Proctologist [21] Just buy what you need. Your husband must have some other great qualities but in this area you are NTA. 179 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Organization Mobile38 OP 12 hr. ago Yeah he's legit the best when it comes to almost everything. But I find myself overriding him on pet care pretty frequently 103 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    It All Comes Down To This

    Font - Graflex01867 - 1 day ago Asshole Aficionado [13] NTA. Your logic makes sense. Chickens can't survive on just corn. If they were free range and could forage, sure, you could supplement their diet with corn, but only corn...not gonna work. You're not discounting his opinion because you're a vet, you're discounting his opinion because he's being a dumbass.

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