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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (August 5, 2022)

  • 1

    "We found Miles..."

    Cat - 2 ebook

    "We found Miles inside my husband's wheel well. Looked for mama, but she wasn't anywhere. So now he's home! We were going to foster and adopt out, but everyone just fell in love with him. Oh, and our son named him Miles after Miles Morales :)"

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    "I volunteer with a rescue. This is Fish. He has flat chested kitten syndrome and wears a brace to give his body a chance to grow normally. My kids don’t know it - but we’re adopting Fish."

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    "I volunteer for a cat shelter..."

    Cat - T ester Oyster ners Cours Cardeners Associati of Marine Science Extension Prog ane B Z Faune FIGURE 1.00

    "I volunteer for a cat shelter and this kitten was dropped off by a woman who said her neighbors were trying to kill him because they didn't like black cats. After being treated for an abscess on his leg caused by a bb, I've adopted him so he can derp his life away in comfort and safety."

  • 4

    "we got a new baby, Koda says hi :)"

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  • 5

    "adopted a tiny void today."

  • 6

    "What a shame nobody wanted him..."


    "What a shame nobody wanted him because he was 'too plain' and 'too old' (13 when I adopted him, 14 now). He's the sweetest, most loving cat. He never stops purring, and always head rubbing and head butting, this is one of my best pics of him. Onyx. I'm always going to adopt a senior."

  • 7

    "My handsome Salem! My boyfriend and I adopted him when he was so tiny. He got his name to match mine—Sabrina! He has so much personality!"

    Cat - uht
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  • 8

    "Just adopted this adorable one-eyed cat... I'd like to name her something Dishonored-themed. Y'all have any good ideas? I can't decide"

    Cat - T
  • 9

    "This is Filtch..."


    "This is Filtch. He is 11 years old. We have fostered him for 7 months. He has diabetes and requires two shots a day. We knew when we first got him he would eventually lose his left eye because of some kind of infection. We just found out today that he now has his forever home and has been adopted."

  • 10

    "adopted a new void last week... meet Bug"

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  • 11

    "Meet Arcann(right) and Thexan(left). I adopted the two brothers today at only 8 weeks old."

  • 12

    "Adopted this little floof last week, meet Abigail"

  • 13

    "My recently adopted male..."


    "My recently adopted male 3yr old Siberian cat (he's a retired breeder)is not as fluffy as most Siberians. The breeder was reputable and supplied me with all the correct paperwork. Is my baby boy's lack of fluffy coat concerning, and is there anything I should do? Please share your thoughts with me"

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  • 14

    "Adopted this lovely girl after my grandma passed this week"


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