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Farmer Goes Around and Shamelessly Tells Her Animals to Their Face Which Ones She Would Eat and Why

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    Two Pines Farm farmer on TikTok, who goes by "Mommy Farmer" loves her animals very much and makes sure to provide the best life she can for them. She is constantly including them in her viral videos that not only educate on on farming, but also adds humor to your day.


    Many of her viewers are in love with her silly content that usually includes her animals like the chickens, goats, horses, pigs, ducks, and the most famous of the farm, her corgis. Usually it shows her having a pleasant morning with her animals, feeding them and caring for them. It shows how they all care for each other as well. 


    Recently, someone commented asking if she would ever eat her farm animals—and her response was hilarious. Instead of getting defensive, she made an entire video of her going up to her animals and telling which ones she would eat and which ones she would't and why STRAIGHT TO THEIR FACES. Savage. 

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