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'We couldn't leave little Jam behind:' Woman goes to Human Society to pick up two dogs, ends up rescuing scared little kitten in desperate need of help

Rescuing animals is not an easy task, but the people surely bring a meaning to “not all heroes wear capes.” Natalie Snyder is one of the many generous animal lovers online who have gone above and beyond to rescue animals. She started a rescued called Repo's Rescue in Michigan and works with volunteers to rescue as many animals as they can manage. Recently, she went to the humane society to bring home two senior dogs to join her rescue. The dogs were safely transported to her rescue, but with an extra animal in tow: A tiny terrified kitten named Jam. 

While Snyder and the volunteer rescuers were at the human society this tiny sickly and very scared kitten caught their eyes. This kitten was curled up all alone in a crate with the biggest most adorable eyes. This kitten named Jam looked at Snyder with those huge desperate eyes and begged her for help. She asked about the cat and the employees said that she is actually not doing well—she was brought in feral, was a little sickly, and was refusing to eat. Snyder knew in her heart she could not leave that little baby behind


Sweet small Jam was trying her hardest to be brave, but it was very obvious she was a scaredy cat. She would look around with her big adorable eyes, and then bury her face to try and hide from it all. It was heartbreaking to watch, but the second Snyder got her into her home and started taking care of her with attention, love, and patience, Jam's personality started to show little by little.

She was able to get Jam to start eating and take her meds. At one point she shows her lifting jam on a pillow to peer out of the window, and little Jam lights up. The scared little kitten instantly looks more hopefully and at least now open to living a life filled with love.

The adorable journey has caught the eyes of millions on TikTok with hundreds of thousands of comments cheering little Jam on and requesting constant updates to her healing journey. Some viewers are even reaching out about adoption. Currently, the little baby is still healing, but once she is back to tip top shape, Snyder says she will be available for adoption through her rescue. Go little Jam! Go!

Watch the videos below of Jam's journey so far:


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