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Weird Yet Intelligent Cats Teaching Themselves To Use The Human Toilet (Reddit Thread)

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    Rectangle - r/cats 2 days ago Posted by berrey7 Has anyone ever experienced a cat teaching itself to use the toilet? My cat pees in the toilet and dumps in the box. I keep the liter box super clean, and have tried multiple brands.
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    We look at this picture, and we find ourselves both confused and impressed and grateful. If our cats would be able to learn something like this on their own, we would be the happiest humans alive. Like- this is such a weird thing to complain about. Like it's true, you'd walk into the bathroom and probably freak out over someone not flushing, but when you figure out that it's your cat… now, that's a friggin' miracle. 

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    Font - Claircashier 2 days ago Yes my Luna taught herself and now if we keep the lid closed she gets on it and complains. She likes to pee in the toilet but poop in her litter box. We think she taught herself after we moved to an apt where the bathroom was the only viable place to keep her litter box. Scared the heck out of us when we heard someone peeing at night and we both were in bed but it was just Luna. She doesn't flush though lol. Vet says Siamese cats can teach themselves these things a
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    Why in the world would these people keep the lid closed?! Do they like digging through litter, looking for poops? Do they not see the amazing miracle that has happened in their home? Unbelievable. Keep it open, and if guests are coming, warn them that if the toilet is occupied, there's a small yet prominent chance of it being the cat in there. 

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    Felidae - dblattack 2 days ago We caught our orange cat peeing in the sink a few times lol. 1.7K Reply
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    Rectangle - Educational Raise844 2 days ago my tabby boy does this. and the shower drain. but he's so precise, he puts his bum right next to the drain and does his business, no pee to be seen. we only know because he then proceeds to run across the house in panic and cry because he cannot cover his pee scent, until we "flush" by turning the faucet on for a few secs. ↑ 612 ↓ Reply
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    Azure - Blanketburritobaby 2 days ago My childhood cat did! She would pee in the toilet and do number two outside. Shocked my mom the first time she walked in on her doing it. 3.4K Reply berrey7 2 days ago I blamed my teenage son on multiple occasions to please flush the toilet. Got to a point I thought he was lying, til I caught the cat...lol 43.8K Reply ... 1
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    Rectangle - TheKebby 2 days ago That is exactly what happened to my friend! Her cat started peeing in the toilet and my friend and her husband blamed each other for not flushing until they figured it was the cat. He also continued to poo in the litter box and was generally a super smart cat. 1.1K Reply
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    Rectangle - Tink10242 days ago Wait do the paws get all wet it looks like kitty is inside the toilet then are the paws commingling with the urine in the toilet? I have questions! 3.3K Reply Nailandbeyond. 2 days ago I have questions too... idk how I'd feel about "urine paws" 41.5K Reply ... ...
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    Font - itsawildellie 2 days ago Maybe the cat saw a human do it and also smelled traces of it in that spot and put two and two together? They're obviously not as smart as primates, but sometimes some cats have quite bright moments. 4 д 3K Reply berrey7 2 days ago The cat is super smart. It can shake, high five, and a couple of other trick, so maybe she's just unique. 2.5K Reply
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    Toilet seat - Ok_Log2598 2 days ago . If I leave the seat up, mine drinks from the toilet ↑ 939 Reply
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    Rectangle - TheCityGirl. 2 days ago Yep! My orange cat (an Abyssinian mix) also figured it out all on his own. I was at home alone one time when I heard the distinctive noise of a stream hitting the toilet bowl, and was momentarily freaked out - until I came upon this! Some cats are just smart that way 4187 Reply
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    Rectangle - Distinct_Hawk1093 2 days ago . This can't be real. There's no way an orange cat can be this smart. 132 Reply berrey7 she found the ↑ 129 + 2 days ago r/oneorangebraincell Reply ...


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