9 Gorgeous Models Spill the Beans on Their Dream Dates

In a recent interview with AskMen these lovely ladies laid out what their ideal date would be. 

Take notes boys.

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    Rachel Harris

    Anything involving sake and sushi.

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    Via ninaagdal

    Nina Agdal

    I love to be active and I love the outdoors… my dream date would be a hike through the woods, followed by an outdoor picnic, followed by a glass of wine at sunset. Heaven!

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    Abigail Ratchford?

    Having someone take me on a picnic with a blanket, sandwiches and wine. Or if he really wants to go all out, he can hire a chef to come cook for us at the picnic or deliver the food to us. I like things that are creative and that i'll remember. For wine, I like red wine, Pinot Grigio or Rose!

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    Jaimie Sullivan

    Anything that involves good food and a nice bottle of wine… and throw some candles in there, and I'm happy!

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    Via gem0816


    Being comfortable just to be with each other without an urge to figure out what to do next. Well, there are actually two other significant elements: a beautiful rose, and a beautiful view.

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    Irina Voronina

    My dream date does not evolve around the activity of choice… But the person that I am on a date with… The most expensive restaurant won't help if there is no chemistry there.

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    Gabrielle Epstein

    We hang out at an awesome coffee shop, he agrees with me that Friends and The Office are the greatest TV shows of all time, and we go to an animal shelter and adopt 32 puppies.

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    Via magz_rcno

    Maggie Arceneaux

    A drive-in movie in the back of your pick up truck. (I've never been!)

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    Via rpomplun

    Raquel Pomplun

    Dinner and then movie theater, love to go to the movies!

    H/T AskMen

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