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Dramatic Tuxedo Cat Named Andrea Gets Extremely Offended by Fart Noises, Endlessly Entertaining Her Owner


When you call someone a scaredy cat, it usually would be an insult for lacking courage or being startled easily. I suppose it's a stereotype for cats to be generally fearful of loud noises and being surprised, despite also being incredibly curious and imposing. The cat conundrum, the cat-nundrum if you will, is a constant dichotomy in any cat's life. Either way, cats are extremely expressive in their reactions and have so much going on with their facial expressions when they're feeling any sort of powerful emotion. This is most seen when a cat is living up to the "scaredy cat" stereotype.


Andrea, a black and white tuxedo cat, should win an award for her overly dramatic reactions and her extensive expressions. Although it sometimes seems as though her owner is mildly terrorizing her, there is no doubt that Andrea is very much loved and adored by her master. However, she is quite frankly the biggest scaredy cat in the world. Her biggest fear? Farts.


Whenever she hears a fart, hopefully playing from a sound generator, she lurches into the air, arching her back and flattening her ears on her head, exactly like the perfect vision of a scaredy cat Halloween decoration. Sometimes when farts fill the room, she crab walks in disgust, glaring at her owner for his depravity. 



Andrea's disdain for farting is not unwarranted. It seems as if she's constantly bombarded with explosive fart noises when she is most comfortable or relaxed. She's probably just awaiting the nasal onslaught of fumes coming her way and is attempting to escape them.


She looks so disgusted in the first clip 😫😭


Perhaps her owner is suffering from IBS and struggling to contain his farting, but it seems that Andrea is being effected by it extensively as well. She seems flabbergasted and genuinely looks as if she's contemplating escape at any moment whenever she hears a fart. There's some trauma there, for sure.



It's Viatnam Dog all over again. In the comment section though, there is some debate as to whether or not Andrea's owner is abusing her with excessive scaring and farting all over the house. To be honest, the debate feels incredibly silly and a bit of a moot point when it comes to the actual video. Andrea's owner clearly loves her in every other video even though he occasionally tries to spook her with a wee bit of flatulent fun. Lighten up, folks.



“Are you serious right meow?”


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