This Video Shows How Great The World Will Be When You Can Order Your Next Pizza Via Drone Delivery Service

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As a modern day, technologically enlightened society it's fair to say we're in the throes of day-to-day, life-changing breakthroughs. Seriously. We're a few leaps away from having iPhones that pretty much 'do' our lives for us, and Google's fast at work on a vaguely terrifying, though heart-stoppin' impressive humanoid robot that'll likely lead the Robo-Revolution to overthrow the human race in like a decade or something.

So, unless you just poked your head out from underneath a rock, you're probably aware drones are very much a part of our lives--one might go so far as to say a staple of any government with the resources to snag a few. Well, pizza lovers rejoice because this ingenious viral marketing video might yet inspire a totally sane and reasonable use for drones--pizza delivery! Granted, jobs would be lost; but hey at least every time you went to order up a cheesy grease wheel from the nearest available drone you'd pretty much be in Minority Report.

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