31 Workplace Pranks That Took It to the Next Level

  • 1
    Workplace prank someone did of elevating the entire office desk and chair off the floor.
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  • 2
    Office prank of filling a workers cubicle to the top with snacks.
  • 3
    April fools office joke of bringing box full of Krispy Kreme donuts that has vegetables in it.
  • 4
    Funny office prank of cup with warning that a dangerous spider is inside, with the sides chewed away to make it look like the spider escaped.
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  • 5
    Office prank of playing a game of leaving duct tape roll instead of toilet paper.
  • 6
    Office prank of lots of rubber bands secured around the phone.
  • 7
    Plate of free cake in the office that turns out to just be a prank
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  • 8
    Office prank of entire desk covered with tin foil.
  • 9
    Funny office prank of someone growing something in their computer keyboard.
  • 10
    Office prank of thousands of cups with blue liquid around the employees chair.
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  • 11
    Office prank of someone's cubicle converted into bathroom
  • 12
    Office prank of door covered with saran wrap that whoever walks into it is not going to like.
  • 13
    Office prank of office being covered with person's photos.
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  • 14
    Funny office prank of cardboard versions of everything replacing the computer and phone equipment.
  • 15
    Febreze with zip tie over the spray, pull, and thrown
  • 16
    Cubicle lined with person's photo.
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  • 17
    Cubicle full of balloons
  • 18
    Awesome office prank to play on co-worker who uses phonetic alphabet on phone calls who is going to be in for a surprise.
  • 19
    office space filled with plastic balls like a ball pit.
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  • 20
    fog horn affixed to the bottom of an office chair to make loud surprise prank on the person who sits on it.
  • 21
    funny picture of a phone that has been pranked to have a banana for a headset.
  • 22
    woman in the office that was wrapped in plastic wrap.
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  • 23
    Office cubicle filled with Styrofoam peanuts.
  • 24
    Office prank of car covered with colorful post-it notes.
  • 25
    Office prank of gold fish in the office coffee pot.
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  • 26
    Office prank of keyboard punched through the desk of the computer.
  • 27
    Cubicle that has ball pit built around it.
  • 28
    Bacon wrapped computer mouse.
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  • 29
    Cubicle that has been taken over by cat pictures
  • 30
    Office prank of workers cubicle taken over by snow


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